Watch 'Jeopardy!' Contestants Fail to Recognize Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

Alex Trebek and Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers
Ben Hider/Getty Images; Lacey Terrell/Sony Pictures Entertainment

It's hard to imagine anyone else looking the part of Mr. Rogers more than Tom Hanks in the upcoming movie, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, and apparently, he pulled the role off so well that it's hard for people to separate the two. This week, contestants on Jeopardy! couldn't identify Tom in a clip from the movie.

How's that for good acting?

  • A clip of the movie played on 'Jeopardy!' and contestants had to name the actor playing Mr. Rogers ... and no one got it right.


    We know Tom looks a lot like Fred Rogers here, but this is Tom Hanks. He's a living legend! Plus, there's been a lot of press about this movie. Have they not seen (and cried while watching) the trailer?!

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  • Fans just about lost it -- and it seems like Alex Trebek did, too. 

    It's kind of baffling how people wouldn't be able to answer this question -- it seemed like a pretty easy one. Who hasn't seen a Tom Hanks movie? If nothing else, we'd assume most people have at least seen Forrest Gump

  • Some fans pointed out the obvious: 

    This is accurate. Everyone!!! 

    Well, apparently not everyone. But the people who make it to Jeopardy! are typically pretty smart. We know not all of Tom's movies are high brow (we'll defend Toy Story 4 any day of the week, though) but who doesn't know who this man is?

  • This GIF of Tom summed it all up pretty nicely: 

    Just a look of sheer panic. That'll do it! 

    Being that Tom himself hasn't seemed to react to this new development, though, we doubt he's panicking over it -- or that he would, if someone filled him in. In fact, we have a feeling he'd probably think it's pretty funny. 

  • That's okay, Jeopardy! contestants. They'll get it next time.

    And for future reference, this man above? Yep, he's Tom Hanks. Just so everyone is clear, in case a similar question happens to come up in the future. We're just making sure! 

    In the meantime, we're ready to go see Tom in action as Mr. Rogers... and probably to cry the entire movie. 

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