The First Trailer for Ian Somerhalder's New Vampire Horror Series Is Here

'V Wars' Trailer

Ready for a major vampire fix, starring Ian Somerhalder? It's almost here! This week, the first trailer for V Wars on Netflix dropped, and even just from these clips, it's clear that this series is going to be very intense. Although Ian is not playing a vampire this time around, he's surrounded by them ... and he needs to find a way to cure them fast for the sake of humanity.

  • In 'V Wars,' Ian plays a scientist who's tapped to cure a vampire disease that's spreading like wildfire.

    At the same time, his best friend, Fayne (played by Adrian Holmes), is one of the infected -- and he's determined for the vampire race to be the ones who win the war over mere mortals.

    The show Is based on the book series of the same name, and Ian's been talking it up on Instagram for a long time. Now, we finally get to find out what it's all about!

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  • The trailer for 'V Wars' dropped on Tuesday, finally giving fans a look at what they can expect from the show.

    And even though Ian Somerhalder isn't playing a vampire this time around like he did on Vampire Diaries, his character seems super intriguing -- and the concept really is fascinating.

    We've seen a lot of vampire movies and shows where the vampires become dehumanized, but this time, it's different. It's definitely interesting to see Ian as the one who's supposed to solve this problem, while a person he cares a lot about is fighting on the other side.

    It's gonna be good! 

  • Fans are already super excited for this show.

    After seeing the trailer ourselves, we can't blame them! It would be so easy for another vampire show to be cheesy, but this one takes a totally fresh approach. We have a feeling Ian's going to blow us away.

    Not that we ever had any doubt that he wouldn't ... 

  • Others feel like it calls back to so many other vampire-related favorites. 

    We don't see that as a bad thing, though. Vampire franchises like these were hot, and people still care about them. If this show ends up taking all the things we loved most about shows such as Vampire Diaries and movies like Twilight, we're in.

  • And this tweet said what we're all thinking.

    We're not gonna lie -- Ian's a major part of the draw here, obviously. It may have been a few years since Vampire Diaries, but this guy is looking good. 

    ... especially when he's wearing glasses. 

    Just saying!

  • We can't wait to see 'V Wars' when it premieres on Netflix on December 5.

    That's just a couple of weeks from now, so the countdown is on. We better clear our schedules so we can sit down and watch all the eps as soon as they hit. It does look a little scary, though, so maybe we'll watch this one in the daytime. Or at least with the lights on.