Amber Portwood Returns to Instagram After a Six-Week Break Following Arrest

Amber Portwood

In the midst of Amber Portwood's situation involving a machete and ex Andrew Glennon, it looks like she's finally decided to return to social media. Last week, Amber broke her six-week Instagram silence with a new post, and it seems as if this lady's doing as well as can be expected ... what with everything that's been going on in her life recently.

  • First, Amber shared this post: 

    "But he who endures to the end shall be saved...." she wrote in her caption, quoting Matthew 24:13 from the Bible. 

    Hmm. Interesting ... 

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  • Then, a few days later, she shared this selfie, along with a cryptic caption about smiling through the pain.

    "Love you guys and please smile through all the pain," she wrote. "It will be ok one day! Sending love always no matter what." 

    Oh, Amber. We know she's gotta be going through a lot right now -- her relationship ended, she's facing legal trouble, and she's apart from her kids. But then again, those are all really good reasons not to get physical with your partner -- the consequences kinda suck. Among other things.

    In case you missed it, Amber was arrested July 5 for allegedly going after Andrew and James with a machete. Since then, numerous recordings have been released in which we can hear a woman who sounds like Amber verbally berate a man who sounds like Andrew and even physically attack him. 

  • Meanwhile, it seems Andrew's taking a bit of a break from social media himself.

    The last update he shared about him and James was September 28, save for a quote by Audrey Hepburn that he posted last week. It seems as if he's keeping a low profile for the time being ... not that we can blame him from that.

    In fact, now seems to be a really good time for both him and Amber to take a break from the spotlight, what with everything that's been going on.

  • Hopefully, Amber getting back on social media is a sign that she's getting better.

    All we want for her is to be healthy and happy -- and for her to be safe, along with the rest of her family. We hope she's getting the help she needs.

    We've been watching Amber from the beginning, and we truly want the best for her. We know she can do the work it takes to get healthy!