Colton Underwood Throws Some Major Shade at Another 'Bachelor' Alum

Colton Underwood

Show us on the doll where Rachel hurt you, Colton. There's another feud going on among some Bachelor alums, and we have no idea what happened. Apparently, Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is no longer friends with Raven Gates, and after she made the status of their now defunct friendship public, Colton Underwood threw some serious shade at her. 

  • First, let's talk about Rachel and Raven. Raven was conspicuously absent from Rachel's wedding in August, and Rach explained why last week. 

    Well, she didn't explain why they're no longer besties, but she did explain that it's a thing. On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, a fan asked her why their friendship ended.

    "I can't say," Lindsay responded. "I promised I wouldn't say, but it was enough for me to not want to be friends with her anymore."

    "So you're still not friends with her?" Cohen asked. Lindsay replied, "No. Not at all. And I never will be." 

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  • Then Us Weekly ran with the story and posted about it on Instagram.

  • To which Colton responded that he was not surprised at all. 

    In another now-deleted comment, Colton reportedly added, "I'm not weighing in on the Rachel/Raven drama. I could care less about that, not my business ... What is my business is the countless number of times she's spoke poorly of me ... including that time she ran her mouth about me to Cassie ... Funny thing is I have never met her."

    Just ... wow. Why weigh in at all? Just let it be, Colton. 

  • The real question remains -- what the heck happened between these two?

    Raven hasn't addressed the drama at all, and if anyone else in Bachelor nation knows, they're keeping their lips zipped! 

    Come on, don't they know we need the tea? They were so close after meeting on Nick Viall's season, and seemed to be each other's biggest supporters on Instagram. We just can't believe their friendship is really over, and we need some closure. Spill it, ladies!