Catelynn Baltierra Opens Up About Having More Kids

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra

We know they just had a baby, but are Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra planning on expanding their family soon? Fans are curious about this Teen Mom OG couple and their future plans, and now, it sounds like we may have an answer. Apparently, Cate hinted on social media that she's pregnant ... we're so confused! 

  • The rumors started when Catelynn posted about having a boy on Instagram.

    The post has disappeared now, but according to Champion Daily, Catelynn shared a text image that said, "If I get pregnant again and pink confetti comes outta my gender reveal balloon, I'm knocking the whole food table over ... Party over everybody go home." 

    Safe to assume that after Carly, whom they placed for adoption after getting pregnant at 16, and now Nova and Vaeda, she and Ty are ready for a boy! 

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  • However, it hasn't been that long since Vaeda was born. 

    We have a hard enough time accepting the fact that Catelynn and Tyler are now parenting two kids instead of one! Vaeda's only turning 8 months old this month -- can we give Cate's body a break for a while, please?!

    Then again, if it's something they really want.

  • Catelynn and Tyler have always been open about wanting more kids.

    If they're wanting to start planning for the future now, we wouldn't be surprised ... especially if they're hoping Vaeda and the next baby are closer in age than she and Nova are.

    Plus, they have both said in the past that they hope to have a boy eventually -- this could be their chance! 

  • Whatever Catelynn and Tyler are planning, we hope all their dreams come true. 

    After all the ups and downs we've witnessed them conquer through the years, nothing makes us happier than seeing them happy -- and if they're ready for number three, we hope that's exactly what they get.

    Either way, there's no doubt in our minds that their third baby will be just as adorable as their other kids ... and just as loved.