Mackenzie McKee Admits She Cheated on Husband Josh

Mackenzie McKee, Josh McKee

We've been curious to find out what's really going on between Mackenzie McKee and her husband, Josh -- it's not like their episodes of Teen Mom OG this season were drama free. But now, Mackenzie has made a shocking confession about her marriage, and honestly, we're surprised she's opening up about this now. 

  • During Friday's episode of 'Couples Court,' Mackenzie shared a big reveal. 

    Apparently, back when she and Josh were still teenagers, trying to make their marriage and parenting work, they weren't exactly faithful to each other -- and they were both guilty of it. 

    “Within a year, we had both cheated on each other,” she said on the show, according to People. “And making it through that was hard.”

    No kidding!

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  • In fact, Mackenzie said that they got married before they'd forgiven each other. 

    She said they went for three months without talking to "work on ourselves," and it seemed to help -- at least, back then, anyway. 

    “You have to love yourself and you have to work on yourself,” she said. “And if it’s meant to be, you’re going to find your way back to each other.”

  • It's hard to say where she and Josh stand now.

    She seemed super certain that they should go their separate ways earlier this summer, but she hasn't shared any updates since then ... and it certainly wouldn't be the first time she and Josh broke up only to get back together later.

    Whatever happens, if it makes the most sense for their family, we're on board -- but from what Mack shared, it sounds like they were dealing with some pretty tough stuff even from the beginning.

  • We're rooting for Mack and her fam. 

    If she and Josh stay split up, great -- if not, we just want her to be happy. And we want Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs to be happy, too. 

    We'll be thinking about her. This girl has been through a lot over the past few years, but she still keeps pushing.