Chelsea DeBoer's Ex Adam Lind Is Making a Return to 'Teen Mom 2'

Adam Lind

We haven't seen Adam Lind on Teen Mom 2 in a long time, but it seems like that's all about to change. It's happening: Adam's returning to the show. And we have a feeling it's not going to mean anything good for Chelsea DeBoer ... especially judging by how unhappy she looks in a new clip from next week's episode. 

  • Adam appeared in the promo for next week's ep, and he's there for just a split second.

    Looks like he showed up to cheer Aubree on at her softball game -- color us shocked, because he hasn't shown up for his daughter in a long time, and now suddenly, he's here? 

    He hugs Aubree in the clip, and she seems happy, but Chelsea is not into it. Can we blame her? 

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  • Considering the fact that Adam has skipped out on his visitation with Aubree, we feel like we're missing something here.

    Last we heard, he hadn't seen Aubs in a long time, and she seemed to actually kind of expect him to let her down -- which totally broke our hearts every time. But Aubree has always had a dad in Chelsea's husband, Cole, which is really sweet. Now, it seems, Adam is trying to work his way back into his daughter's good graces.

  • Also, Chelsea immediately saying "I'm uncomfortable" when she saw Adam? We feel for her!! 

    We can't imagine that she actually expected Adam to show up to the game, especially when he hasn't been showing up for his visitation for a long time. We're definitely interested to see how all of this plays out. 

    We hope Chels got through it -- her history with Adam is complicated and she and Cole have definitely been annoyed that he hasn't been stepping up for his kid. 

  • Next week's ep is definitely going to be an interesting one. 

    We are so curious to see how Adam even came to be at Aubree's game. Like, what? 

    As long as she's happy, though, we're happy -- because in this scenario, she's who matters most. And truly, she deserves a dad who goes to her games, so maybe he's actually trying? We'll find out on Tuesday.