Mark-Paul Gosselaar Wasn't Invited to Join 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar
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It seems like the '90s TV reboots just don't stop coming, and now, Saved by the Bell is getting the same treatment ... minus one essential cast member, according to the word on the street. Apparently, Mark-Paul Gosselaar wasn't invited to the reboot, so this is awkward.

We cannot imagine this show without the original Zack Morris!

  • Earlier this week, news broke that a 'Saved by the Bell' reboot is in the works -- and focused on Zack Morris.

    cast of 'saved by the bell'
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    At the time, we learned that Zack will be the governor of California, who apparently gets in trouble for his choice to close low-income schools and send those students elsewhere, like Bayside High. Being that it sounds as if Zack is a central character to the revival, which will debut on NBC's streaming service, Peacock, we assumed Mark-Paul would be reprising his role.

    ... but maybe not?!

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  • But Mark-Paul himself says he was never approached about the series, and found out about it the same way the rest of us did: online.

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar
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    "I read it in the trades just like everybody else," he said in an interview with Variety. "Honestly, I was never approached. I woke up to the news this morning with a kind of 'huh' response."

    "Huh" indeed -- especially because his character is essential to the plot of the new show! But apparently, Mark-Paul thinks his gig on Mixed-ish could have something to do with it. 

    "I'm on ABC, so it doesn't really fit into that considering Disney+, so I understand the business side of things," he added. "But I had no idea it was that far along."

  • Some fans are unwilling to watch the show without him.

    Thinking back to the original series, we can't imagine a Saved by the Bell reboot without him! This tweet totally makes sense to us! As much as we love A.C. Slater, Kelly Kapowski, and Lisa Turtle, we cannot imagine this show without him.

    And for the reboot to center on his character? Well, let's just say it would be hard to adjust to someone else in that role.

  • Others aren't impressed with the fact that Mark-Paul wasn't given a heads up.

    This is fair!

    We know a lot goes on behind the scenes when it comes to TV, and the situation could be complicated. But, like, was it too much to send a text message or email? Especially because it involves a character Mark-Paul made popular -- and he and Mario Lopez (and others from the show) still keep in touch in real life?

  • It's hard to say what will happen next, but we really hope everyone's able to work something out.

    The cast of Saved by the Bell
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    Seeing someone else as Zack Morris just wouldn't feel right. We really hope that Mark-Paul is being treated fairly, especially because he was the reason the character became so iconic in the first place. 

    Guess time will tell ... don't let us down, Peacock!

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