The Next 'Bachelor' Star Has Officially Been Announced

John Fleenor/ABC

Chris Harrison, Peter Weber
John Fleenor/ABC

Another season of Bachelor in Paradise is over, but we already have a lot to look forward to -- starting with our next Bachelor. It's official: Pilot Peter Weber is the Bachelor, and we have a feeling there's going to be some serious competition between the women on his season. This guy is such a sweetie! 

  • There were a few good options this time around, but ultimately, Peter got the gig. 

    The news was announced on Tuesday's BiP finale, and he sounds psyched to take on this next adventure.

    "I have all the faith in the world this can work for me -- and I know it's going to," Peter said on the finale, via The Hollywood Reporter. "My entire life I have truly looked forward to finding my girl and that person that I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with."

    After getting to know him on The Bachelorette, we gotta believe him -- he's ready! 

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  • Peter was definitely a standout on Hannah's season.

    He was so sweet to her on The Bachelorette, and let's not forget about that windmill action -- who wouldn't want a piece of that?! 

    But in all seriousness, Peter seems like a great guy with such a nice family, and if he ends up finding the love of his life on the show, whoever he ends up with will be a very lucky lady. 

  • In fact, Peter's contestants have already been released.

    We may need to wait 'til we find out more about them to start making our Bach brackets for the season, though -- it's hard to know who will be right for him just from a photo. These are some seriously gorgeous ladies.

  • TBH, we're pretty excited for him. 

    We know Peter's going to be so much fun to watch, even if it means kissing our dreams of Mike as Bach goodbye. Just get ready for a lot of flying puns ... 

    Wishing Peter luck as he starts this journey. If anyone needs us, we'll be looking for spoilers. We gotta know what happens!