Jenelle Evans Has an Unexpected Ally at Her JE Cosmetic Launch

Jenelle Evans

She may be persona non grata at MTV these days, but it looks like Jenelle Evans has at least one former co-star on her side. The former Teen Mom 2 star recently launched her cosmetics company at a party in NYC, and none other that Farrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia Abraham, showed up as VIPs to help promote it. 

  • Jenelle shared some photos of Farrah on her official JE Cosmetics Instagram account.

    She added the caption, "@farrahabraham showed up with her daughter  @sophialabraham in the cutest outfits! Had a nice talks and glad they had a good time."

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  • Sophia did look totally adorable, and we bet she loved being out at a fancy event with her mom.

    Plus Farrah has never been shy about letting Sophia wear makeup, so she's probably a pro by now, even though she's not quite 11 yet.

    Jenelle turned off the comments for the post, but we're not exactly surprised, given how controversial she and Farrah have both been over their years as part of the Teen Mom franchise, and that fact that they were both booted from the series, while maintaining that they weren't fired.

  • It was especially a surprise to see Farrah there, as two months ago, she was vocally criticizing Jenelle as a bad mother.

    In July, TMZ caught up with Farrah, who slammed both Jenelle and another former co-star, Amber Portwood, as "failed mothers." Both Jenelle and Amber lost custody of their children this summer after judges ruled that the kids might be in danger by remaining in their care. Jenelle's CPS case was eventually thrown out, but Amber is still waiting to go back to court.

    Maybe Farrah apologized to Jenelle? We'd say that maybe she's under contract with MTV to make an appearance at Jenelle's launch party, but neither of them work for the network anymore, so we're totally confused. 

  • We're glad Farrah decided to show up for Jenelle. 

    Jenelle has picked so many fights with the other ladies on Teen Mom, she doesn't exactly have anyone in her corner over there anymore. And since she's still with David Eason, even after he killed her beloved French bulldog, Nugget, we have a feeling she's going to need some people on her side at some point.