Chelsea DeBoer & Kailyn Lowry Speak Out About Those Feud Rumors

Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea DeBoer

No drama here! Since Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea DeBoer haven't been spending a ton of time together lately, some Teen Mom 2 fans have been worried there's been a rift between them. But according to these mamas themselves? Nope, everything is just fine. Chelsea and Kail put those feud rumors to rest, and we're so relieved to hear they're still friends. 

  • A fan asked if Chelsea and Kail are still friends, and it looks like we have nothing to worry about. 

    Kail was quick to let her know that they are still friends, but the way their friendship is just looks different. After all, they each have three children, and they're a little older now -- they're not going out and partying much, which makes total sense. Who wants to go out all night while traveling with three little ones? 

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  • In another tweet, Chelsea added that Leah & Kail have more in common now, and that's OK.

    She's totally right! Chelsea has Cole, and Layne is still so little -- it'd be hard for her to join them on their girls' trips (even though we think she totally should one day. She deserves a break!). 

    Leah and Kail are both single at the moment, and they're obviously living their best lives together. And like Chels said, they're into way more adventurous things than she is. 

  • And if Chelsea wants to join one of their vacays, Kail's ready to tone it down.

    A massage on a beach sounds amazing, actually, and we'd love to see a trip with Chelsea, Kail, and Leah filmed for the show. We have a feeling that the three of them together on vacation would be totally hilarious.

  • We're so relieved to hear that everything's good between these two.

    Honestly, they're too cute of a BFF pair to ever imagine them fighting!

    Maybe this will prompt Kail and Chelsea to share more of their friendship online. The biggest bummer about watching Teen Mom is that the ladies live so far apart and rarely get to interact IRL, but maybe that can change soon. MTV, get on it!