Jordan Kimball Explains What Really Happened During That 'Bachelor in Paradise' Brawl

Jordan Kimball

When Jordan Kimball went over to steal Christian Estrada's piñata on Bachelor in Paradise last week, we knew it wasn't going to end well. What we weren't expecting was an all-out brawl between the two, resulting in both being sent home from Mexico immediately, thanks to the show's zero-tolerance policy.

  • According to Jordan, Christian was the aggressor, and he was only trying to defend himself. 

    Christian Estrada
    Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

    Christian and Jordan both competed on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, and even got into it at the "Men Tell All" taping, but Jordan insists that their history had nothing to do with him confronting him on the beach. Christian was busy pursuing Nicole Lopez-Alvar, who had already developed a strong connection with Clay Harbor. 

    On the podcast The Betchelor, Jordan revealed, "Things happened between Christian and I much quicker than I thought they were going to. I had no intentions of making a physical altercation. I stated that with [host] Chris Harrison right after the fight."

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  • The drama was pretty insane.

    But Jordan made it clear on the podcast that he "didn’t go over there because I have beef with Christian."

    He explained that he did it for his buddy. He said, "I went over there because Clay and I are actually friends. I didn't go over there and grab Christian. I didn't go over there and call him any names or anything. He went a couple of times and tried to strike me."

  • Jordan said that his actions were completely self-defense. 

    After Christian tried to strike him a couple of times, Jordan said that's when he "tossed him." He explained, "That was the number one self defense move of all time. He went down pretty hard and fast. I feel really bad, but I was defending myself. I didn't pop him in the mouth, I didn't go after him, it was over. I did what I did to protect myself."

    After watching the tape, we have to agree. Jordan never should have gone over there to steal the piñata, but Christian had the opportunity to be the bigger person and let Jordan just be a jerk. He totally lost his cool -- to the point of having to be restrained by security. 

  • Even though he said he was sad to leave, he understands why he had to. 

    Jordan said he "wasn't ready [to go home]," and, "I was having a ton of fun and it just went south."

    He also worried about how people would react when they saw the drama play out on TV. He said, "I went home, and I was a little concerned that people were going to come for me. I called my dad and some people that are close to me and I was like, 'It is what it is.'"

    "I tried to act as maturely as possible," he added. "But I know there's a percentage of people who don't agree with what I did -- you're there for love, and I get that."

  • As for Clay and Nicole?

    They seem stronger (and hotter) than ever. We really hope this Christian thing was just a blip, and showed her what a gem Clay really is.