A 'Golden Girls' Live Puppet Show Is Happening

Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Betty White
Herb Ball/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images; thatgoldengirlsshow/Instagram

We've been seeing a lot of TV revivals lately, but this is one we definitely didn't expect -- especially in this format. A Golden Girls live puppet show is happening (yes, this is for real), and it looks surprisingly good. 

And the best news?

It's touring across the US, giving fans all over the country the chance to see Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche in puppet form.

  • 'That Golden Girls Show' is a puppet parody of the original series, and OMG, it looks so cute!

    According to TVWeb, the puppet show is a 90-minute performance that brings all our favorite characters back -- except this time, a little spicier, since the themes are more adult, and the language is a bit more crass. 

    But knowing these characters, that can only enhance the stories.

    We love it already!

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  • Here's a clip from the original off-Broadway production of the show:

    Super cute, right?

    Unfortunately, it doesn't give us a peek at what to expect from the touring version, but as long as those puppets are there, we're in. 

    Apparently, the stories will include "Sophia's get-rich-quick schemes, Rose's tales from St. Olaf, Blanche's insatiable hunt for men and Dorothy's daily struggle to fend off her pesky ex-husband once and for all."

  • Tickets are already on sale, and the show is making stops around the US.

    Tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster, and right now, there are dates in Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Indiana. But who knows -- maybe there will be more added later on if the show continues to be a success.

  • We're so ready for this.

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    Our fingers are crossed that a recording of the show will eventually make its way to TV so everyone can see it. 

    Because honestly, is there such a thing as too much Golden Girls

    Maybe this will help inspire someone somewhere to add this to the list of TV reboots making a comeback. We'd love to see an updated version -- with cameos from Betty White, of course.

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