'Friends' Is Heading to Theaters for a 3-Night Event

'Friends' Cast
Warner Bros. Television

Fans of one of the most beloved '90s sitcoms of all time can start jumping for joy now. It's coming to the big screen (squee!). In honor of the show's 25th anniversary, Friends is coming to theaters ... and even better than that, it's actually a three-night event. 

(Reliving the best moments of the show and snacking on popcorn? Sign us up!)

  • For three nights only, 'Friends' will air in more than 1,000 theaters nationwide.

    According to a press release for the event, 12 of the Friends' most iconic episodes have been remastered in 4K for the best viewing experience. Not only will fans be able to see four episodes each night but also exclusive content that's never been seen before -- including interviews. 

    Yep, this sounds like the perfect night out.

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  • The screenings are set for September 23 and 28, as well as October 2.

    And because each night is different, going to all three screenings is a must. 

    On September 23, the episodes will include the pilot, "The One With the Blackout," "The One With the Birth," and "The One Where Ross Finds Out." 

    The September 28 showing will include "The One With the Prom Video," "The One Where No One’s Ready," "The One With the Morning After," and "The One With the Embryos." 

    Then, on the final night, "The One With Chandler in a Box," "The One With Ross’s Wedding – Part 2," "The One Where Everyone Finds Out," and "The One Where Ross Got High" will be shown.

  • Basically, it's a really good time to be a Friends fan.

    With the 25th anniversary happening this year, it seems like there are all kinds of ways to celebrate this iconic show -- including (but not limited) to a Central Perk Lego set.

    Seriously, are all our dreams coming true or what?!

    And don't get us started on that Friends Pottery Barn collection. We are drooling over that apothecary table (from the days of yore, obviously) as we speak.

  • Tickets for all three showings are now on sale.

    Interested? Grab 'em here. All that's needed is a zip code to find the closest theater showing the episodes.

    Time to clear our schedules for the end of the month. Who knows if we'll ever have the chance to see Friends in an actual move theater ever again?