Colton Underwood Claims 'Bachelor' Producers Sabotaged His Relationship With Cassie Randolph

Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph

By now we all pretty much take reality TV with a healthy grain of salt, and understand that much of the drama is manufactured, and sometimes even scripted. But Colton Underwood recently revealed just how much he felt like he was manipulated by Bachelor producers -- to the point where they almost ruined it for him and Cassie Randolph.

  • Colton confessed in a recent podcast that he figured out that the producers were gaming him after he told them Hannah Godwin was at the top of his list.

    The former NFL player went on the record on This American Life podcast, and revealed that the producers were constantly asking him for lists of his favorite ladies on the season, in order to set up the dates. He said that Hannah G. was his front-runner early on, but that when he told them that, they didn't give him a date with her. 

    He explained that it did not sit well with him, saying, "And I sort of recall remember feeling a little burnt when they did that. I was like, so let me get this straight. Hannah's number one on my list right now, and she's not getting a date this week. So from there on out, I was like, all right, if you're going to do that to my top girls, I'm not really going to tell you who my top girls are. Because I don't want you messing with them. So in a weird way, I tried to defend myself and defend the girls by not being truthful to them who my top was."

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  • So when his feelings for Cassie started to grow, he lied to the showrunners. 

    He described his relationship with Cassie as a "slow burn," and added, "In a weird way, in the dynamic of The Bachelor franchise where it's supposed to be quick, and fast, and intense, it was sort of a relief to find a normal relationship in which it was a slower burn, and wish it was a more realistic approach to a relationship. And I think it was just, it was almost like when I was with Cass, it was like a breath of fresh air."

    But he was still telling producers he was all about Hannah, which he know realizes lead to them trying to manipulate Cassie to break up with him!

  • Colton believes they flew Cassie's dad, Matt Randolph, to Portugal to try to get her to break up with him.

    Remember during Cassie's hometown date, Matt said no to Colton when he asked permission to propose to her, if she happened to be his final pick. So producers knew that they had a wedge to use if necessary, because Colton was apparently still telling them that Hannah G. was his girl. 

    Colton said, "Her dad actually shows up, which nobody just accidentally shows up in Portugal. So the producers paid a pretty hefty price to fly that man on out to Portugal to come visit and spend time with his daughter to give her clarity."

  • As they sat down to the dinner where Cassie broke up with him, Colton said he knew the producers had set him up.

    He explained, "Normally, during the dinners and during that, the producers are sort of hovering, or they're around to help the conversation flow. Or they're there just to, like, bounce ideas off of when you guys are talking. When we had that dinner, there wasn't a producer in sight. There was just the cameras, and there was just the audios. Everybody else ran. And they didn't want to be near it because I think they knew that I knew."

    When Cassie mentioned that her dad was there in Portugal, Colton recalled thinking, "I just got screwed." He explained, "I was thinking that that wasn't her doing. I know what the format of the show is. And for me hearing, hey, by the way, my dad came back, really sparked something in me. I was like, OK. So I don't have the control I thought I had."

  • Of course that's when we got the infamous fence jump.

    And now we have an even better understanding as to why Colton was so done with the whole show. He said, "If I feel like my relationship's going to be messed with or toyed with at all, I'm going to be done. Especially at this point, I've completely fallen in love. I've completely, like, gave myself all to her. I mean, I had nothing to lose at that point besides the girl and the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with."

    We're seriously glad it worked out with Cassie, despite the way producers tried to mess with their relationship. They seem so happy, and are totally doing things their own way