John Paul Jones Recites Shakespeare on 'Bachelor in Paradise' & We're Shook

John Paul Jones

What is even happening on this season of Bachelor in Paradise? We've had two straight weeks of the Blake Horstmann show, Demi Burnett comes out as bisexual, and now our resident laid-back, surfer-type, John Paul Jones, is falling head-over-heels for Tayshia Adams, and reciting Shakespeare to her. 

  • JPJ pulled Tayshia aside, and told her that she makes him feel like Romeo, and asked if he could recite a poem to her.

    Of course it's the poem Romeo recites when he meets Juliet for the first time. He stumbles a little bit in the middle, but honestly it just makes up love him more. And Tayshia pretty much summed up our awe, when she told the camera, "Usually guys like him, who talk like him, don't have a brain like him."

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  • In another preview for Monday night's new episode, it looks like JPJ and Tayshia are really falling for each other.

    He says, "Tayshia is the only girl I'm interested in pursuing. She makes me feel like a nervous schoolboy -- I feel completely incapacitated around her. I feel pretty foolish even going after her, 'cause what the hell am I doing?!"

    Tayshia is totally into it, though, and says, "As fun and silly as John Paul Jones may seem, he's extremely intelligent."
  • Yup, this guy. The one Chris Harrison said, "If Paradise was made for anyone, it was made for you."

    John Paul Jones

    After Tayshia tells him that she thinks he is "interesting," he responds, "So are you. I know I give a vibe that I'm some sort of stoner/surfer, but you know what, I'm not just some nervous kid that wets his pants whenever he talks to [you]."

    Later, he tells the camera, "Tayshia is the most incredible woman I've met in my life. I've been living in fear of somebody else going after her and sweeping her off her feet ... You can find love in Paradise. If Tayshia were my wife, I'd be the happiest man in the world. Tayshia Paul Jones!"

  • Can we just say that we're so here for this couple? We're rooting for you guys!