Tyler Baltierra Has the Best Response After Fan Accuses Him of Being Too 'Feminine'

Tyler Baltierra

Living with two daughters and a wife, it makes sense that Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra is surrounded by females all day long -- and that's just fine with him. After a fan pointed out that his feminine side is strong on Instagram, Tyler responded that he embraces that feminine side, and we think we love him even more for this.

  • It all started when Tyler posted this photo on Instagram earlier this week.

    "I'm not here for acceptance," he wrote. "I embrace all my rejections & deflect all that is negative to me." 

    But some fans weren't focusing on his caption -- some were focused on the fact that they didn't think he looked "manly" here.

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  • Tyler responded to a fan who pointed out his feminine side, and shared his response on Twitter.

    "I was always told as a kid that I was 'too feminine' but I was raised in a household as the only boy with my single mother and older sister," he explained. "I think I was blessed to be raised without the idea that I have to trade my sensitive emotions for masculinity. I was raised by a very strong FEMININE woman & I am not ashamed of it at all!" 

    We love this. He's right -- his mom, Kim, did do a great job of raising him, and we know that wife Catelynn Baltierra appreciates it, too. 

  • There's no doubt in our minds that spending his childhood surrounded by women makes him a better husband and dad.

    He seems to know exactly how to parent Nova and Vaeda, and it's clear from the photos he shares that he adores his little girls. We don't see a problem here, and we're glad that Tyler doesn't either. He should be who he is -- without letting outside influences make him think he needs to be someone else. 

  • We're so glad Tyler loves who he is.

    Seeing their dad embrace himself will definitely help his daughters do the same as they get older, and that's a beautiful thing.

    Way to go, Tyler. We're rooting for him.