Tyler Cameron Was Just Spotted With Andi Dorfman -- Where Was Gigi Hadid?

Tyler Cameron

First it was Hannah Brown, then Gigi Hadid, and now Andi Dorfman? Tyler Cameron was just spotted in NYC with the former Bachelorette, and now we're wondering just how widely he's playing the field. Maybe he's practicing dating multiple women in case he gets a call from Chris Harrison to be the Bachelor this fall?

  • Tyler and Andi were spotted together in Central Park on Wednesday, August 14.

    Before anyone gets any ideas about these two hooking up, though, it looks like it was purely professional. They apparently were just teaming up for a group run, and that there was nothing romantic about it.

    During the event, Tyler, 26, announced that he'll be running both the New York City and Chicago marathons to support ABC Food Tours, and Andi, 32, gave a motivational speech to a crowd of about 200. She is also planning to run the NYC marathon.

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  • It's good that it was strictly professional, because it looks like things are heating up between Tyler and Gigi.

    They've gone on multiple dates, and while we're sure it's unrelated, Ty reveal on his Instagram story this week that he's apartment hunting in the city. 

    An insider close to Gigi told E! News that they are "definitely seeing each other," but are "not serious." They said, "They are both very into each other but Gigi has been really hesitant about getting serious with him. She feels she just ended a long-term relationship [with Zayn Malik] and wants to strictly have fun right now. She really enjoys hanging out with Tyler and he has spent the night over her house multiple times now. Tyler makes Gigi laugh continuously while they are together, and it's been a while since someone has sparked her interest."

  • Sorry, Hannah, but it looks like the Tyler train has left the station.

    It's hard to believe it was just a couple of weeks ago that Hannah revealed on the After the Final Rose special that she had broken up with Jed Wyatt, and asked Tyler to grab a drink. A couple of days later, he was spotted leaving her apartment in LA in the morning, although she later revealed that they just talked. 

    Of course, she also admitted that it's been hard to watch the relationship develop between Tyler and Gigi. On Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky's Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, she explained, "We are not dating dating, at all, we hung out, but we also had conversations of both like knowing that there's still something there. And when you are in the public eye, you do just have to be respectful of each other. Yeah, I wish I would've got a little bit more than two days. But, you know, it is OK."

  • Now let's talk about what Tyler's relationship with Gigi really means -- Mike Johnson for Bachelor.

    ABC has not announced who the Bachelor will be next season yet, but can we put our vote in for Mike Johnson? He's successful (he's a portfolio manager), an Air Force vet, practices Krav Maga, ridiculously good looking, and let's face it -- it's more than time for the franchise to give us a black leading man. 

    Let's make it happen, ABC.