Demi Burnett Has the Most Demi-Like Response Ever After Tanner Tolbert Calls Her a Hypocrite

Demi Burnett

Do not come for Demi Burnett unless you want to be roasted alive. The Bachelor in Paradise star just gave the most biting response ever to fellow Bachelor Nation member Tanner Tolbert, after he called her a hypocrite for having a girlfriend back home. We're not sure why Tanner even waded into that one, but we're just going to assume he's sleep-deprived from having a newborn and a toddler at home.

  • Tanner took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Demi revealing that she kind of sort of had a girlfriend back home before coming on the show.

    He had also compared Demi to Jed Wyatt, whose engagement to Hannah Brown crumbled when she found out that he had a serious girlfriend back home, despite how many times he tried to downplay it.

    We knew Demi was the queen of cutting remarks (she and Jordan Kimball seriously need their own show after their antics on Bachelor in Paradise this week), but her comeback takes the cake. While linking to an article about Tanner comparing her to Jed, she clapped back, "Oh f--- off, not the same at all. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about going down on your wife."

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  • Let us all please take a moment to remember the time Jade Roper let it slip that Tanner doesn't do that.

    While on Marriage Bootcamp in 2016, Jade picked a "truth" card that asked, "Would you rather give or receive oral sex?" to which she answers, "Tanner never does. Never ever. I have to beg." 

    So much cringe

  • Fans were so here for Demi's response.

    It is different. As far as we know, Demi was just casually seeing Kristian Haggerty, and even still exploring what really attracts her. These people are in their 20s. They date around. 

    On the other hand, Jed had been in a serious relationship with a woman for months -- they met each other's families, went on multiple vacations together, said they loved each other, she threw him a surprise birthday party, and we honestly wouldn't be surprised if he had her name tattooed on his butt. 

  • Tanner tried to defend himself further, but maybe he should just take a nap.

    Did he really just bring Blake into it now? Even Chris Harrison called Blake a dumpster fire in Mexico, considering how many of the women he slept with before even coming on the show. Yeah ... pretty sure Demi didn't do half the guys on the beach and then try to act like nothing happened. 

  • Demi nipped that rumor in the bud, and it sounds like the case is closed.

    She added in another tweet, "Now excuse me while I drink my mimosa in a robe," and we don't blame her a bit.