'Bachelor in Paradise' Fans Want Jordan Kimball & Demi Burnett to Have Their Own Show

Jordan Kimball, Demi Burnett

Given that Jordan Kimball and Demi Burnett have both been Bachelor fan favorites, we should have known that when they were put together, they'd become the best part of Bachelor in Paradise this season. After hearing their commentary on Tuesday night's episode, fans think Jordan and Demi should have their own show

And we've gotta agree. 

  • Jordan arrived in paradise this week, and he and Demi immediately became what he called "the dynamic duo." 

    They're both good at the sassy one-liners and the sarcasm, so of course they're already BFFs. And as we can all see in this clip, they spent a good bit of the episode hanging out and judging everyone else, and we were living for their comments ... especially that Jean Paul Jones impression. Truly, it was spot on.

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  • This tweet made a case for Demi and Jordan appearing every season of the show going forward. 

    We would totally be down for this! They'd be perfect behind the bar with Wells (and maybe even Jorge, once in awhile)! 

    Not to mention the fact that we would get to enjoy their jokes for years to come.

  • This fan specifically requested they get their own show: 

    We would adore a reality show centered on these two and their friendship. Jordan gives us major Scott Disick vibes, and Demi is packed with personality. We'd love to see a show about them living together for a summer and the adventures they have. 

    Or maybe they could borrow Dean's van and take a road trip around the country? 

    (But if Dean comes, he's gotta leave that mustache at home.) 

  • Also a good option. After all, everyone in Bachelor Nation has a podcast these days, and we have a feeling Demi and Jordan's would be hilarious. We can just imagine them interviewing future Bach contestants. They wouldn't let anyone off easy!

  • We are so ready to see more of them in action next week.

    Something tells us it's going to be even better than this week's episode.

    Bring on the drama, BIP ... because then we get to hear more trash talk from Demi and Jordan. Yes, please!