Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson Reunited & Now Fans Are Begging for a Reboot of 'The OC'

Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody
Warner Bros. Television

With all our favorite '90s and '00s TV shows coming back with reboots, is it finally time for The OC to make a comeback too? On Tuesday, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody reunited at JFK airport, and the resulting photo has fans freaking out. 

If there was ever a time the world needs Seth Cohen, it's now.

  • Rachel shared a (blurry) photo of her and Adam in the airport, where they ran into each other.

    Being that it's been more than 10 years since The OC's emotional series finale aired, we're basically looking at Seth and Summer in the future. Cue all the fangirling.

    Of course, we have to admit that this blurry pic isn't gonna do it -- we need more. And judging by Rachel's Instagram comments, it seems like a lot of fans feel the same way. 

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  • When someone commented that they could feel a reunion coming on, people lost it. 

    This show was seriously beloved -- and way too short-lived. Only four seasons?! Fans deserved way better than that. Besides, it would be fun to see where all of our favorite characters have ended up ... and we know Seth and Summer's kids would have been adorable.

  • Other fans were happy to comment to share their joy. 

    Blurry or not, it is a pretty cute picture. We can only hope that Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle are somewhere together, living happily ever after. Then again, if we got a reboot, we could find out for sure ... 

    After all, The OC showrunner Josh Schwartz is bringing Gossip Girl back... why not add another one of his hit shows to the list?

  • If anyone needs us, we'll be here hoping for more cast reunions. 

    We know Mischa Barton is on The Hills reboot and all, but seeing her and Ben meet up to give us a blast from the past for Ryan and Marissa would be pretty epic (RIP, Marissa). 

    And who knows what could happen? TV revivals are happening all the time. The OC could be next!