12 Times Kailyn Lowry Showed Off Her Abs Like a Total Boss

Nicole Pomarico | Aug 19, 2019 TV
12 Times Kailyn Lowry Showed Off Her Abs Like a Total Boss

Kailyn Lowry

We think all of the Teen Mom ladies are beautiful, but we've gotta hand it to our girl Kailyn Lowry. Who has confidence like she does? Lately, she'll been all about showing off her bod on Instagram, and we have to admire her for that. This lady has been showing off her abs, and she looks good. Crop tops, high-waisted bikinis -- nothing's off limits for Kail. And even though she does have her own flock of haters, as the rest of her co-stars do, she never lets it stop her from wearing (and sharing) whatever she wants online.

We're all about being body positive, and that seems to be what Kail is about, too. We have to love her confidence. Some people aren't into showing skin like she does (which is totally OK), but it seems like Kail's never met a crop top she didn't look amazing in. It's clear Kail already has that self-love for her body and herself that so many of us are striving for, and it's such a great example for her to set not only for the fans who look up to her but also for her sons, Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux, too. 

Of course, we love following her on Instagram for her adorable photos of the boys and to keep up with what she's doing in her life, but seeing these kinds of posts always make our day. Kail is so beautiful, and we hope she never changes! 

Read on for all the times Kail showed off her abs on Instagram. Not only is she serving major inspiration for any upcoming pool and beach days, but it's also another opportunity to gush over some of her best fashion moments and her exotic vacations. We need her with us next time we go swimsuit shopping, and if she wants to bring us to Hawaii, we're all in. 

  • Crop Top & Denim Jacket


    OK, Kail! We're loving this look. Not only is the high pony, jean jacket, and crop set an adorable look all together, but this lady is clearly not afraid to flaunt what she's got. Show off those abs, girl! And that grin is too cute.

  • A Bikini at Sunset


    This photo was taken during Kail's Hawaiian vacation with Leah Messer, and not only does she have a beautiful view, but that bikini looks awesome on her, too. Sadly, it looks like Lux (and the rest of the kids) just couldn't hang.

    "Leah & I got a boat for the day. & when I tell you the kids were worn out... every single one of them fell asleep on the cruise back to the harbor," Kail wrote in her caption. 

  • Hanging by the Pool 

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    Bikini x @thesnookishop || Photo x @sweet90summer

    A post shared by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

    Yet another bikini of Kail's we love. According to her caption, she grabbed this one at the Snooki Shop, and given the fact that it's so colorful and bright, we're not surprised at all. She looks great in this one, too -- and we're jealous of her lounge time!

  • Snookini Part 2 


    Here's a better look at her epic bikini -- or Snookini, as she calls it. And she's showing off those curves at the same time? We love it. 

  • Costa Rica With Her BFF


    Anytime that Leah and Kail go on vacation together, we always have major FOMO. They have so much fun! This trip to Costa Rica especially looked awesome -- and they were in their swimsuits just about the entire time. Heaven or what?! 

  • Showing Off Her Red Bikini


    Another snap from that same Costa Rica trip, and this might be one of our favorites of her swimsuits yet. Not only is she showing off her abs, but this color looks great on her. Kail's making us want to go buy a high-waisted suit... 

  • Happy To Be at the Pool


    If we looked this good sitting by the pool, we'd take all the photos for Instagram, too! Yes, Kail looks good here -- but more importantly, she looks so happy, and that's what we love to see. Once again, these reds are definitely her color!  

  • On a Boat


    This photo is so gorgeous! The ocean, Kail's grin, her swimsuit -- we love it all. Not only is Kail always on the go (this photo was taken during her European cruise) but she looks good while doing it. She needs to teach us her ways! 

  • In Her Calvins


    Most of us aren't brave enough to show off our undies on Instagram, but Kail never holds back! According to her caption, this photo was taken during a trip to NYC. The black and white, the way she's holding her hair up -- this is A+. 

  • Bikini Babes


    This photo was taken during Kail and Leah's first trip to Hawaii together. How gorgeous is Maui?! And how gorgeous are these two ladies?! 

    "Just out here making memories with this babe," Kail wrote.

  • Bumpin' In St. Thomas


    Even when Kail was pregnant with Lux -- back when he was still known as Baby Lo -- she didn't let it slow her down. She hit up St. Thomas and showed off her bump in this bikini, and she seemed so happy to be there. We love that she's always all about the travel, with her kiddos and without. 

  • Hitting the Beach in Puerto Rico


    Drinking out of a coconut while barefoot on the sand in the beach? This photo should be in the dictionary under the word "vacation." Hard to believe that it was taken three years ago already! So much has changed for Kail since then! 

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