Video of Snooki Having a Meltdown Filming 'Jersey Shore' Surfaces

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Splash News

Compared to the beginning of Jersey Shore, our girl Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi been super chill since she got married and started a family ... but could all that be changing? This week, cameras caught Snooki having a meltdown while filming for the show, and although we're not 100% clear on what exactly is going on, it doesn't seem good. 

(Seriously -- is she OK?)

  • TMZ posted a video on Tuesday showing Snooki yelling as she stormed out of the shore house.

    It's hard to make out everything she's saying, but it seems as if Snooki is trying to tell someone to leave her alone before walking away from the situation entirely. 

    "Leave me the [expletive] alone, this is why I didn't want to do this [expletive]. Leave me alone!" she screams before walking to the other side of the parking lot.

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  • Although it can't be seen in the video, a producer took Snooki to a doughnut shop to cool off while JWoww and Pauly D. came outside to talk.

    Reportedly, they wanted to find out what was going on with Snooki, and Pauly D could be heard saying, "Well, that didn't go the way I expected." 

    At the end of the video, JWoww and another woman (possibly Angelina) can be seen comforting Snooki outside. Apparently, Snooki just wanted to get home to her kids -- Lorenzo, 6, Giovanna, 4, and Angelo, who was just born a little over two months ago.

    Can't blame her for that!

  • But Snooki isn't planning to open up about what happened until the episode featuring her meltdown airs.

    As she told this fan who questioned her about the incident, we're just going to have to sit tight and see it all play out when the next Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season is here. Until then ... we're so curious about what might have happened.

  • Snooki continued to dodge questions on Instagram too.

    Snooki dodges Jersey Shore questions on Instagram

    In the comments of one of her most recent Instagram posts, Snooki refused to answer questions about the TMZ report.

    Still, people are clearly dying to know what happened, including us.

    Come on, girl. Give us the details!

  • Whatever's going on, we just hope Snooki is OK.

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    We can't wait to find out how this all plays out. And knowing Jersey Shore, it's going to be worth the wait. Let's just hope there aren't any more meltdowns between then and now. Snooki has earned a break from the drama!

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