A 'Friends' Lego Set Is Coming & We Can't Wait To Build Our Own Central Perk

The 'Friends' Cast and Friends Central Perk LEGO set
Warner Bros. Entertainment; LEGO/Facebook

Fans of '90s sitcoms and Lego enthusiasts alike are about to flip over this news. In celebration of the beloved show's 25th anniversary, Lego is releasing a Friends set, allowing those who are still obsessed to build an iconic location from the former NBC show. And yes, mini figures of the entire cast are included.

  • The Lego set will let fans build Central Perk -- including the famous orange couch.

    According to People, the set will include 1,070 pieces for fans to build the coffee shop, couch, arm chair, table, another sofa, a cookie jar, and the Central Perk menu board. 

    Also included are mini figures of Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, and Gunther. (He works at Central Perk, so of course he needs to be there too.)

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  • Even better, the Lego set also comes packed with accessories for the coffee shop and each character.

    Ross' keyboard, Rachel's coffee cup and tray, a muffin for Monica, pizza for Joey (obviously), a laptop for Chandler, and a guitar for Phoebe. Oh, and a broom for Gunther ... yeah, he ended up with the worst one. 

    Then, there's the decor, plenty of coffee cups, and the reserved sign -- which is why the gang can always score that orange couch, in case anyone was wondering.

  • Even the outside of the Lego set is amazing.

    Even more than we love Rachel peeking out through the window is that poster on the wall, which is a replica of Joey's Japanese lipstick for men commercial. (What an awesome Easter egg!) And of course, Phoebe is playing guitar out front.

    Fine if it's Central Park, not fine if it's Monica's fancy restaurant. 

    Rumors of a Friends reboot are still rampant, but until our dreams come true, at least we can create our own reunion with this Lego set. 

  • Fans can grab the set starting September 1.

    It retails for $59.99, which is a bit expensive ... but who can really put a price on having a personal, tiny Lego version of Central Perk in their own home? 

    Besides, it's so cute -- and a perfect way for kids at heart to celebrate one of their favorite shows. If Joey and Chandler saw this, they'd grab it ASAP.

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