Jenelle Evans' Latest Bikini Video Has Fans Coming at Her From All Angles

Jenelle Evans

People are still clearly upset with Jenelle Evans and some of her unsettling life choices of late. So when the former Teen Mom 2 star posted a short video on Instagram on Tuesday of her lying around in a hammock in a bikini, she should have expected the commenters to come for her. Especially because there doesn't really seem to be any sort of point to it, other than to pretend like nothing happened after CPS removed her kids from her home with David Eason for nearly two months.

  • Move along, nothing to see here. Just Jenelle in a bikini while her kids are doing something in the distance.

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    #Throwback to our #SundayFunday ☀️👙💦

    A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on

    She captioned it, "#Throwback to our #SundayFunday," and added sun, bikini, and water splashing emojis. 

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  • It wasn't long before fans started coming for her in the comments.

    It's true that it's hard to see what the kids are doing in the distance, especially in such a short clip. It really does seem like it's more about Jenelle showing off her bikini bod than about her family having fun together.

  • People accused her of ignoring her kids, and only snapping photos for Snapchat and Instagram.

  • Jenelle and David even lost custody of their kids for nearly two months, after a CPS investigation was launched when David allegedly shot and killed Jenelle's dog Nugget. All the charges were eventually dropped, but now Jenelle claims she "doesn't know" what happened to Nugget. 

    She could ask her husband, but apparently that's not an option for her. Yeah, we're not worried at all. 

  • And of course some people wondered if Jenelle is pregnant again.

  • Although we're pretty sure that's not the case, because Jenelle has said multiple times that she had her tubes tied and even had an ovary removed. She is 100 percent done having babies.

  • And a whole lot of people just thought the video was classless, and really wish Jenelle wouldn't film with her legs open in a bikini.

  • Jenelle is obviously allowed to share what she wants online, but she seems pretty tone-deaf to what people are saying about her. They want answers for Nugget, and they want to see her finally kick David to the curb and focus on her children.

    Not weird video of her wearing a bikini in a hammock while her kids play in the distance.