Hannah Brown Is Getting So Much Hate After 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All' Special

John Fleenor/ABC

Hannah Brown, Chris Harrison
John Fleenor/ABC

This season of The Bachelorette has focused so much on Luke P., but now, he's officially off the show. But did Hannah Brown address the situation the right way? Hannah is getting a lot of hate from fans after Men Tell All, but honestly ...  should anyone be surprised at this point?

  • Fans who caught MTA already know Hannah apologized to everyone for keeping Luke around so long. 

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    And to be honest, it was totally necessary. It's been so frustrating for so much of this show to be focused on Luke P. this season, even if he did make pretty good TV. That feeling of watching a friend ignore every red flag from a toxic boyfriend? Yep, that's how we've been feeling all season.

    Hannah's signature sass really came through here, and it was funny at the same time, but that's not what some people got from this clip.

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  • One fan called the moment "classless." 

    It may have been a little unnecessary, but we don't know if it qualifies as classless. Fans have been moaning and groaning about Luke's screen time all season long, so why shouldn't Hannah apologize for it (and make her apology hilarious along the way)? 

    Besides, this is reality TV ... and this is exactly why we tune into The Bachelorette week after week.

  • Another echoed Luke's thoughts about their differences in faith.

    Wait, didn't Hannah just say she was tired of having her faith weaponized against her on MTA? We're not sure we can call it bullying when Luke clearly had no respect for her whatsoever. She's allowed to stand up for herself! 

  • And another thinks ABC lost viewers over this. 

    Umm ... is Luke a "poor guy"? Because everything we've seen from him this season has been incredibly toxic behavior -- not just to Hannah, but to all the men, and that's not acceptable.

  • But no matter what people think, Hannah remains unbothered.

    Because let's face it: Hannah moving that rose podium was one of the most epic moments in Bachelorette history. Ever.

    Now that Luke's gone, she can finally focus on Peter, Tyler C., and Jed ... and she's about to send one of those men home during the finale next week right before making her choice about who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. There is no time for Luke around here!