Jenelle Evans Gets Major Grief Over 'First Day of School' Pics of Kaiser

Jenelle Evans, Kaiser Griffith

She had to be expecting this. Jenelle Evans shared some photos from her kid's first day of school, and Teen Mom fans let her have it. Kaiser just started kindergarten, and she went to see him off, along with her husband David Eason, and their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

  • Jenelle shared several photos of Kaiser at his desk, along pics of him with his stepdad and little sister.

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  • She added the caption, "At his new desk like a #BigBoy in #Kindergarten but he's still #MommasBoy"

    Of course fans weren't about to forget that David and Jenelle just got custody of their kids back this month, after CPS removed them from the home after David allegedly shot and killed Jenelle's dog, Nugget.

    Jenelle now claims that she doesn't know what happened between David and her dog, because apparently she can't ask him directly, "Hey babe? Did you kill my dog?" Her admission came after the police department accused her of faking Nugget's death as a "publicity stunt."

  • People went nuts in the comments, wondering how she can act like everything is normal after the last few months of her life.

  • They also accused her of pretending to be a good mom, and just doing it for the 'Gram.

  • And, of course, people wanted to know why Kaiser's dad, Nathan Griffith, wasn't there.

  • But wait! There's more. Jenelle also shared a chalkboard picture of Kaiser and one of their new dogs.

    Yup, Jenelle and David just got two new dogs to add to their menagerie on The Land. David creepily cooed about them being "good boys" on a recent YouTube video, and let's just hope they never get the slightest bit out of line with him, or they might go missing, too. 

  • As predicted, followers went nuts.

  • Can anyone blame them though?

    Despite what Jenelle says about the whole Nugget episode being mostly fabricated by the media, it's pretty telling that she either won't ask David what happened to her dog, or he won't tell her. 

    Something is definitely amiss.