Amber Portwood's Alleged Attack on Andrew Glennon Didn't Come 'Out of Nowhere'

Amber Portwood, Andrew Glennon

By now we've all heard that Amber Portwood allegedly attacked her boyfriend and baby daddy Andrew Glennon with a machete after he failed to get her to a Fourth of July fireworks show due to the roads being closed. But it turns out there may be more to the story of what set Amber off. A source close to the Teen Mom OG star revealed to Us Weekly that there have been some trust issues between Amber and Andrew of late.

  • According to the insider, things have been bubbling with Amber for awhile.

    The source shared that Amber "wasn’t just upset out of nowhere," and, "There were things going on between her and Andrew that led to this."

    Noting that "Andrew has seemed totally different" than her ex Matt Baier (who lied to her about having fathered a bajillion children), the insider explained, "For the most part, it has been good, but lately a few issues have popped up that have made her question things and challenge her trust in him. She has been through a lot. She just wants to be able to trust someone, and there have been major issues."

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  • In addition, the insider noted how much "pressure" Amber feels to prove to her fans that she's changed.

    The source admitted that Amber "feels pressure" to show how she has changed for the better, and "hates that people will think she hasn't." 

    Attacking your significant other with a machete while he holds your 14-month-old son is probably not the best way to go about showing people that you've changed and have gotten in control of your angry temper. Like not even a little bit.

  • Amber was charged with three felonies this week, after being arrested around 3 a.m. last Friday, July 5.

    She was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon, domestic battery, and domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old. Amber allegedly went after Andrew with a machete, which she keeps because she's not allowed to own a gun because she is a convicted felon.

    Andrew reportedly called for the police when he took James into the den, and Amber allegedly tried to break down the door with the machete. According to a police affidavit:

    Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood picked up a machete towards him and [the baby]. Mr. Glennon stated he locked himself and [the baby] into the office ... Mr. Glennon stated she hit the door with the machete and kicked the door and broke the handle. Mr. Glennon stated that is when he called for help.

  • We don't care what kind of "issues" were happening between Andrew and Amber -- this sounds like straight-up abuse.

    Andrew has filed for sole custody of James, and he wasn't even the one to bail her out of jail last weekend, but there's still no news as to whether their relationship is over. We hope that Andrew stands up for himself, and protects himself and that baby from Amber. Just because she is a woman doesn't make the violence any less serious. 

    Andrew is lucky he got out of there with only an alleged mark on his shoulder from her attacking him with a shoes, and James was unscathed. Amber needs some serious help for her mental illness, and nothing Andrew can do will ever "fix" her.