Jenelle Evans Accused of Making Up the Whole Dog Incident for 'Publicity'

Jenelle Evans

Nearly two months after a CPS investigation was launched when David Eason allegedly shot and killed Jenelle's Evans' French bulldog, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office has issued a statement that the whole thing was a publicity stunt. According to the police, Jenelle's story was "inconsistent," and she eventually admitted that she filed an animal cruelty report for publicity, and because she didn't know where her dog was.

  • The police issued a statement on Thursday claiming that Jenelle and David essentially made up the dog-shooting incident for publicity.

    The sheriff's office released a statement saying that Jenelle admitted she didn't know if her dog Nugget had actually been shot and killed, after police made several visits to her North Carolina home. They stated, "Jenelle advised that 'She don't know where the dog is.' She also advised that 'I don't know if she was shot or killed or not.' Jenelle stated that the reason she filed the animal cruelty report was for the publicity and because she did not know where her dog was."

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  • However, Jenelle has shot back that the police are lying about the whole thing, and that she never even claimed David killed her dog.

    The former Teen Mom 2 star told The Hollywood Gossip, "I never made a report against David in the first place. The cops called me and left me voicemail asking me to call them back about the 'dog incident.'" She explained that when she called the chief of police back, he said that he'd received calls from various media outlets, reporting that David had shot and killed her dog, and asked her if there was any truth to it.

    Jenelle said, "When I responded I told him, 'Yes, what you heard is true about my dog. This isn't a publicity stunt and I'm not sure where my dog is or what happened to my dog but you would have to call David and ask. I was inside my house with my kids when David went outside with the dog.'" In the police report, Jenelle said she wasn't sure if she heard a gunshot or not, because she hears gunshots and even a neighbor's cannon fire all the time. 

    She continued, "Told them I don't remember if I heard a gunshot or not. I never saw anything and was in the house with my kids the entire time (Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa)."

  • Jenelle lost custody of her children following the alleged dog-shooting incident, only recently gaining them back.

    She claims that one of the detectives even lied on the stand about the state of her home, which led to the removal of her children. Jenelle shared, "Detective Jacobs got on stand during court also and tried saying my house was 'filthy' and 'cluttered' when he conducted his search. My lawyer proved Detectives Jacobs wrong during his testimony by showing him my Ring camera of the night he was there and it showed my house to be spotless and no clutter."

    She continued, "These police ended their 'investigation' a month ago and told David's lawyer, Bill Gore, that they were closing the case. I honestly think they are doing this for their own publicity because they could have wrote up their 'press release' weeks ago. I've never in my life dealt with a police department ever 'releasing a press statement' about their investigations."

    Jenelle added, "I feel very attacked and exploited for no reason," and called the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office "crooked."

  • We have no idea what's really going on here, but we are suspicious that Jenelle keeps saying people should "ask David" what happened.

    She told The Hollywood Gossip, "You would have to ask David what happened. I was not outside." She repeated on an Instagram Live session on Friday, claiming that she doesn't really know what happened to Nugget.

    Maybe she could ask David, "Hey babe, did you shoot my dog?" It honestly sounds like she's in total denial about the whole thing and doesn't want to know. If she can pretend that Nugget just ran away, and her husband didn't really shot and kill the pet, maybe everything will be OK.