Hannah Brown Just Changed 'The Bachelorette' Rules Forever

Mark Bourdillon/ABC

Tyler Cameron, Hannah Brown
Mark Bourdillon/ABC

This season of The Bachelorette has been a wild ride, and now, Hannah Brown is throwing us for another loop. On Monday night's episode, Hannah kept all four guys after hometown dates instead of sending one home -- this totally unprecedented rule means that there will be four Fantasy Suite dates instead of just three. 

  • After she had the chance to meet Luke, Tyler, Jed, and Peter's families, Hannah had a tough choice to make. 

    To be honest, we could have easily made that choice for her -- Luke should go home, because he's Luke. Or maybe Jed, because his family was giving Hannah major vibes that they did not think he was ready for a serious commitment (especially if it meant sacrificing the time he spent on his music). 

    But somehow, Hannah just couldn't decide which dude should go home after Tyler and Peter already snagged their roses, and Chris Harrison bent the rules for her and gave her an extra rose to give out so everyone could stay. What?! 

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  • Right now, we're having a hard time grasping that Luke has made it all the way to the end (almost). 

    Even though Hannah had practically nothing to say to his family that didn't involve his bad behavior, he's still here. We're totally lost on what Hannah's thought process is on this one, but hey -- maybe she's just following her heart.

    In the meantime, it's kind of mind blowing that there will be four Fantasy Suite dates this time around.

  • Fans were pretty dumbfounded by it all. 

    Because honestly, the Fantasy Suite dates are meant for three people, because someone should get eliminated after hometown dates -- that's just the way it is. How Hannah managed to score herself a pass is beyond us. Maybe it's because Luke makes such good TV? 

  • Others couldn't figure out why Hannah kept saying she had FOUR great men.

    Truth! Peter and Tyler are both easy picks -- they had awesome families, and they've been so sweet to her this entire time. Plus, Peter drives a Mercedes and took Hannah flying. There's no competing with that! 

  • At this point, some fans are even questioning Hannah's intelligence.

    To be totally fair, Hannah is obviously going with her gut on this -- and even if her gut is wrong (especially now that we know that Jed had a girlfriend the whole time), she's making the best choices based on what she knew at the time. If she needs more one-on-one time with the guys, it's good that she'll have it.

  • We just hope everything works out for Hannah in the end.

    She's made it clear that she really wants to find her partner in this -- someone who will choose her every day -- and that's what she deserves. We'd hate to see her heartbroken all over again! 

    And if nothing else, four guys on the Fantasy Suite dates instead of three is definitely going to be entertaining. We just hope Hannah makes use of these extra dates. She's going to have to make a decision sometime!