20 Reasons Hannah Brown Is the Best Bachelorette Yet

Nicole Pomarico | Jul 3, 2019 TV
20 Reasons Hannah Brown Is the Best Bachelorette Yet
Image: Ed Herrera/ABC

Hannah Brown
Ed Herrera/ABC

When we first met her on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, we instantly fell in love with Hannah Brown. She wasn't afraid to eat a bug, say what she was really feeling, or admit to the world that she believes she deserves real love, and we adored her for it. Then, when we found out she'd be the next Bachelorette, we were even more excited, and now that her season is here, it's easy to see that she might actually be the best leading lady ABC has ever had -- and she's got some pretty tough competition.

Don't get us wrong -- we loved the way Kaitlyn Bristowe was unapologetically herself, and we couldn't get enough of Emily Maynard and her West Virginia hood rat sass. But what Hannah brings to the show is so different from everything we've seen before. She's real, and she's never tried to pretend like she knows what she's doing. In fact, she's been extremely open since day one about the fact that she actually doesn't. 

There's so much to love about Hannah, especially when it comes to her approach to the show. She stands up for herself, she doesn't take any crap, and most of all, it seems like she's actually having fun -- that kind of enthusiasm just jumps off the screen.

Here are all the reasons why we believe Hannah is the best Bachelorette the franchise has ever had. We've loved watching her journey to love (and all the funny moments that have come with it) so far, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her when this is all over. Whoever the next lady is to hand out roses is gonna have a lot to live up to!

  • She Always Speaks Her Mind


    Hannah has never been one to hold back when it comes to letting her contestants know what she's thinking. It's awesome that she's so candid like that -- not just for the guys, but for those of us watching at home, too. It's good to always know where her head is at, and it even makes the show more fun to watch. 

  • She's Actually Hilarious


    Hannah is always cracking jokes, and we love that she doesn't take herself too seriously. She has a good sense of humor, and it seems to put the men at ease when they're around her. We can't wait to see the outtakes from her season on the finale, because we know they're going to be comedic gold.

  • Her Instagram Is Flawless

    Hannah Brown

    Anyone who isn't already following Hannah on Instagram should start now. Not only does she post perfect throwbacks like this one, but she also sometimes shares her own commentary while The Bachelorette is airing. And following along with all of her adventures now that the show is done filming is just the icing on the cake.

  • She's Real


    Hannah has always been the first to admit when she doesn't know how to handle something or when she's nervous. It's hard being on a reality show -- The Bachelorette is a totally crazy situation like nothing else that someone would experience in real life. It's OK if she doesn't have all the answers, and she seems to have made peace with that, too.

  • She Doesn't Put Up With Any BS


    Remember when Hannah sent Scott packing on night one because she found out he had a girlfriend back home? Hannah's always made it clear that she isn't going to take any crap from her men (or anyone else). And the way she eggs on the guys 'til they give her the information she actually asked for? A true queen. 

  • Her Dresses This Season


    This is just an example of one of them, but isn't it amazing? Her rose ceremony gowns all season long have been incredible -- and it probably helps that she's used to getting all dolled up from her pageant days. Whoever is styling her this season deserves a raise.

  • How Pumped She Was to Be 'The Bachelorette'


    We'll never forget seeing Hannah cry on FaceTime when Chris told her the good news. She seemed so excited to take on this new role, and so far, she's been killing it. Isn't it the best watching someone's dream come true? Her enthusiasm for the whole process is everything

  • Her Wine Chugging Skills


    Hannah was pretty fed up with her men when this happened! Before she went in to let them know that she was tired of them not asking about how she is and instead getting wrapped up in their own drama, she downed her wine to prepare. We've gotta admit -- it was a totally relatable moment.

  • She Laid Down the Law With Luke


    Luke P. has been a clear villain all season long, but he went too far when he acted like Hannah nude bungee jumping with Garrett was cheating. Fortunately, Hannah ripped him to shreds in that moment, letting him know that it's her body and she calls the shots. Good for her for standing up for herself! 

  • She Doesn't Pretend to Be Perfect


    As perfect as the world seems to think celebrities (including reality stars) should be, Hannah has never tried to live up to that expectation. Instead, she's just herself -- and that's the best way to be, because whoever she ends up with needs to love her for who she is. It's not easy to admit to your faults on national television, but Hannah's never seemed to sweat it.

  • She's Not Afraid to Be Physical


    People can say what they want about Hannah getting physical with her contestants, but we have to cheer her on for it. How can she know who she's meant to be with without testing out the chemistry? Besides, this is her season, her rules -- go for it, girl. 

  • She Actually Went Naked Bungee Jumping


    As if bungee jumping on its own wasn't scary enough, doing it naked while strapped to a man she barely knows was next level. But even though Hannah seemed totally terrified, she did it anyway -- and she looked like she loved it by the time she hit the ground. So much courage! 

  • She Stands Up for Herself


    Hannah definitely isn't one to let people walk all over her, and so far, it doesn't seem like she's been letting anyone's criticism get to her, either. This lady won't be talked down to, and she lets her men know it. Whether she's calling them out for their behavior or talking about something she believes in, Hannah has never been afraid to defend herself. A lot of people haven't quite figured out how to do that yet! 

  • She Lets Her Emotions Show


    After she got tired of everyone telling on Luke to her, Hannah let the beast out! She wasted no time letting the men know in no uncertain terms that she wasn't going to tolerate anyone trying to help her make decisions about this -- it was all her, and she's a grown woman. Yes, Hannah!

  • One Word: Marcus


    When Hannah told Chris Harrison that anything negative is a "Marcus" to her, we couldn't help but LOL. We also loved that she named her zit Marcus ... and that she called one of the guys who was bothering her Marcus to his face. There have been a lot of Marcuses on Hannah's season, but she's totally handling it.

  • She Seems Genuinely Sad to Send Men Home


    It doesn't seem like an easy thing for Hannah to end a relationship on the show, and that was proven when she said goodbye to Mike. Mike's been a fan favorite all season long, and it seems like Hannah felt the same about him -- but if she wasn't feeling it, she wasn't feeling it. Seeing her cry as she told Mike he wasn't getting the date rose and moving on to hometowns was so heartbreaking.

  • She Tries to See the Best in People

    Luke Parker, Hannah Brown

    Exhibit A: Luke P. Yes, it's completely frustrating that she doesn't seem to see all of the red flags that have already come up with this guy, but it's also kind of sweet that she tries to see the good in him, too. That kind of positivity has probably served her well -- even if it means spending too much time with dudes like Luke who don't deserve it. 

  • She Takes the Show So Seriously


    People go on The Bachelorette for all kinds of reasons, but Hannah seems to genuinely be looking for love. She takes her own feelings and her contestants' feelings seriously, and it's so refreshing to watch. No one can deny that she truly is looking for a partner in life out of all of this.

  • She Tries to Be Fair


    Sometimes, that means things like giving Luke the benefit of the doubt. Other times, it means giving some of the men chances to explain their actions. Yes, she looks tired of it sometimes (like when Luke S. and Luke P. were feuding) but she does try to give everyone the same opportunity to get to know her.

  • Her Tweets Are Hilarious


    Hannah's been tweeting about the show all season long, and it's pretty clear that she's willing to make fun of herself for her bad decisions. This tweet was about keeping Luke to go to hometowns ... and we love that her parents are on the same page as the rest of us. At least Hannah has a good sense of humor about her past mistakes! 

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