Jenelle Evans' Update on David Eason & Her Kids Has Fans Calling Her 'Delusional'

David Eason, Ensley Eason

Teen Mom 2 fans are not here for David Eason, or for Jenelle Evans' decision to stick by her man no matter the cost. While she and David have been battling in court to get their children back, she seems to be doing the one thing that will keep that from happening: Staying with emotionally unstable and physically violent husband.

  • Jenelle made it perfectly clear over the weekend where her loyalties lie: With David.

    She shared a couple photos on her Instagram story over the weekend, celebrating David's birthday with a crawfish boil, complete with seafood, corn, potatoes, and sausage, served down-home style straight on the picnic table. She only captioned them with "Yesterday was David's bday," and, "And whoaaaa."

    It's so bizarre to us that she's celebrating this guy after everything he's put her through. He killed her dog, which sparked a child protective services investigation that had a judge removing her kids from the house. He got her fired from MTV from her role on Teen Mom 2. He's estranged her from every single family member who might be able to offer her some sort of support. Like what does he have to do to get her to wake up about his character?

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  • Fans are wondering the same thing, especially after Jenelle posted -- then deleted -- a couple videos of Ensley on Instagram, begging her to "come home."

    Ensley is currently living with Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, along with Jace, 9, whom Babs already had custody of. Kaiser, 4, has been living with his dad, Nathan Griffith, while David's daughter, Maryssa, has been with family on her mom's side. David and Jenelle were in court yet again on Tuesday, June 25, to fight for their kids, but they left empty-handed yet again.

  • Fans have an idea as to why Jenelle isn't getting her kids back, and they aren't afraid to tell her.

  • They even said Jenelle loves "playing the victim."

  • They even invented a new nickname for her -- "Delusionelle" from delusional and Jenelle.

  • Seriously, the comments just kept coming.

  • We are seriously worried for Jenelle at this point. She obviously misses her kids terribly, but she has her priorities so mixed up. David isn't worth it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Jenelle is ready to face the facts. We just hope he doesn't kill her like he did Nugget.