Reality Steve Just Dished Out the Trifecta of 'Bachelor' Nation Spoilers

Hannah Brown Bachelorette

If you're in the middle of watching this season's Bachelorette, and absolutely do not want any spoilers about who Hannah Brown ends up giving her final rose to, then turn away now, because this post contains massive spoilers. Our favorite Bachelor Nation sleuth, Reality Steve, just gave away a huge amount of information, not just about Hannah's season, but also about Bachelor in Paradise, which will air starting in August.

  • First off, Steve revealed who Hannah ends up picking on her season finale, and whether they're engaged or not.

    So seriously, if you don't want to know, just click away. Here's a cool post about Ben Higgins reacting to Lauren Bushnell's engagement to country music star Chris Lane. It contains zero spoilers for Hannah's season of The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise

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  • Are you ready to find out who Hannah ends up with? It's this guy.

    After initially speculating that Hannah ended up with Tyler C., Steve had to recant his prediction and say that she undoubtedly ends up with Jed Wyatt, and that they are now engaged. 

    He wrote on his blog, "Sorry the initial Tyler info was wrong. Just wasn't as solid as I thought it was. But the info about Jed from 3 weeks ago is as solid as I can get and I just have to leave it at that." He also mentioned that he couldn't share his "proof" as to how he was sure about Jed, but we'd bet money that it has something to do with Jed's ex-girlfriend coming forward to People magazine this week, claiming that they were dating when he went on the show, and he only did it to promote his career as a musician. Whoops. 

    It's going to be interesting to see how Hannah deals with this revelation about her fiance, or if she already knew. After all, Jed was pretty upfront with her about using it as a platform for his music, before he started falling in love with her. 

  • Moving onto spoiler #2 and Bachelor in Paradise, or as Steve calls it this season -- The Blake Horstmann Show.

    And everyone thought he was such a sensitive soul whom Becca Kufrin definitely should have chosen over Garrett Yrigoyen. She may have dodged a bullet there though, because it seems like Blake has a little bit of a Lothario problem.

    According to Steve, Blake had previous relationships with not just one or two of the women before heading to the beach in Mexico, or even three ... He had romantic interactions with four of the former Bachelor contestants who were cast on BIP.

    It turns out that Blake and Tayshia hung out on the first night of Stagecoach in April. He claims they didn't hook up, but that there was romantic interest. The next night at Stagecoach, Blake reportedly had sex with Caelynn. Then the night after that, he had sex with Kristina. Oh, and two weeks before BIP started filming, he flew to Birmingham, Alabama, with the sole intent of seeing Hannah G., "because they were interested in each other."

    The whole thing apparently culminates in a scene on the beach with Caelynn "screaming and crying" at Blake, because he reportedly told her that he regretted sleeping with her, and that she shouldn't tell anyone about it. Yup, that went over real well with Caelynn's history of being sexually assaulted, as well as how she personally values sex. 

  • And spoiler #3 is also from Bachelor in Paradise -- Demi Burnett is apparently bisexual, and bringing her girlfriend to Mexico.

    Steve claimed that he's known since February about Demi dating women as well as men, but he wasn't going to out her, as it's her story to tell. And apparently, she wants to share it on Bachelor in Paradise. Although it was all pre-planned, it's going to look like Kristian Haggerty unexpectedly shows up on the beach, and that's when Demi comes out and reveals that she's her girlfriend. 

    All signs point to ABC letting the couple stay on the show until the end of the season, but as Steve points out, "This show basically has no rules anymore, so I don't have a clue what they'll do on rose ceremonies where guys are giving out roses."

    The only thing we are sure about is that we can't wait to watch this summer.