New 'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Has All the Makings of a Drama-Filled Crew

bachelor in paradise cast

Gahhhhh. Is it August 5 yet? Yeah, yeah ... I know Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette is barely underway, but let's get real for a second. Bachelor in Paradise is WAY more entertaining than both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so it's hard not to count down the days until the new crew shows up in Mexico for a little fun and lots of drama in the sun. On Good Morning America earlier today, the first half of the Bachelor in Paradise cast was revealed, and it looks like ABC did a pretty good job with who was picked. 

  • Cam Ayala -- Hannah's season

    cam ayala

    Will the whole "ABC, Always be Cam" thing carry over into Paradise? Odds are good ...

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  • John Paul Jones -- Hannah's season

    John Paul Jones

    Oh, John Paul Jones. Who else cannot wait to see if he finds his soul mate in Mexico? He's such a unique dude ... there has to be someone special waiting for him. Right?

  • Demi Burnett -- Colton's season

    demi burnett

    Yassssss! We had a feeling Demi was going to make the cast list, and honestly Bachelor in Paradise just wouldn't be complete without her. There's no doubt that she'll cause quite the stir in Paradise, and we can probably expect for her to have a romance with more than one hopeful dude. And let's be honest -- there will probably be some drama between Demi and the female members of the cast, because she's not everyone's cup of tea.

  • Tayshia Adams -- Colton's season

    tayshia adams

    Tayshia was so heartbroken when Colton broke up with her after their fantasy suite date. If there is anyone who deserves to find true love in Paradise, it's her. She's definitely ready for the real deal, and I'd bet money on her being one of the people who does leave Mexico with a boyfriend ... or fiancé.

  • Blake Horstmann -- Becca's season

    Blake Horstmann

    Ugh. Poor Blake. He was beyond heartbroken when Becca didn't choose him. Hmm. Maybe he and Tayshia will wind up being a thing?

  • Clay Harbor -- Becca's Season

    Clay Harbor

    Yet another dude who was left with a broken heart after Becca dumped him. Paradise is calling your name, Clay!

  • Bibiana Julian -- Arie's season & Bachelor Winter Games & Bachelor in Paradise

    bibiana julian

    Arie and Bibi just weren't meant to be, and things didn't pan out for her on Bachelor Winter Games or her first season of Bachelor in Paradise either. But you know what they say ... the fourth time's a charm?!

  • The rest of the cast was revealed during the premiere of Grand Hotel on ABC.

    Soooo ... who else is headed to Paradise?

  • Chris Bukowski -- Emily's season

    OMG! I thought Chris was done with the whole franchise after the shenanigans that went down the last time he was on BIP? Guess not. 

  • Derek Peth -- JoJo's season

    What a cutie!

  • Wills Reid -- Becca's season

    This will be Wills's second trip to Paradise. Maybe this time he'll leave with a lady on his arm?

  • Kevin Fortenberry -- Hannah's season

    Odds are good that as The Bachelorette gets deeper into the season, more guys from Hannah's crew will wind up joining the cast in Mexico. But we know Kevin will be there for sure.

  • Hannah Godwin -- Colton's season

    Sweet Hannah was so devastated when Colton said goodbye to her. But she's quite the catch, and she'll have dudes in line in Mexico for sure.

  • Nicole Lopez-Alvar -- Colton's season

    Let's hope for Nicole's sake that she has a lot less drama with the other women than she did last time.

  • Annaliese Puccini -- Arie's season

    Oh, Annaliese. This poor woman. After being blindsided by Kamil on last season's Bachelor in Paradise reunion show, where he basically dumped her on national television, we sure hope she can find a decent man this time around.

  • Caelynn Miller-Keyes -- Colton's season

    Caelynn ended Colton's season without him by her side -- and without the highly coveted Bachelorette title, which obviously went to her rival, Hannah Brown. She'll bring some additional heat to Paradise for sure.

  • Onyeka Ehie -- Colton's season

    Will Onyeka and Nicole continue their infamous feud? Hmm ...

  • Jane Averbukh -- Colton's season

    Yep. Another Colton reject. They're a dime a dozen on BIP this season.

  • Katie Morton -- Colton's season

    Will Katie find true love this time around?

  • Sydney Lotuaco -- Colton's season

    Sydney's sweet smile will be a breath of fresh air for this crazy crew.

    Bring it on, ABC!