Tyler Baltierra Makes a Sad Confession About His Father

Tyler Baltierra, Butch Baltierra, Amber Baltierra

We thought Butch Baltierra was doing so much better, but unfortunately, the latest update from Tyler Baltierra on his dad's sobriety is a sad one. Tyler says Butch has relapsed since he last went to rehab, and we can't imagine what this must be like for him.  

  • According to Tyler, Butch is back at square one with his sobriety. 

    Over the last couple of seasons of Teen Mom OG, we've seen Tyler try to help his dad and his sister, Amber, get their health back on track, and now, it sounds like things are going downhill again. 

    “He’s in the middle of relapse right now. So that’s the reality of that situation,” Tyler said on Kailyn Lowry's Coffee Convos podcast, according to Us Weekly. "So right now, now we go back to square one of this whole relapse thing and kind of ride this train out and see what happens.”

    That's a bummer -- we know how important Tyler's relationship is with his dad and how hard he's tried to help him.

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  • We can't say we're surprised about Butch, though, considering what happened on this week's episode.

    Tyler went to visit his dad in Texas, and not only was he no longer living in his sober living facility, but he had moved in with a girlfriend and was doing "marijuana maintenance" -- aka smoking weed to help move on with his addiction. 

    Both Catelynn and Tyler didn't think it was a very good idea, so it almost seems as if Tyler predicted this happening, even then.

  • But when it comes to Tyler's sister, Amber? She's doing much better.

    Tyler said he got to be the one to give her her one-year sobriety chip, which is really special. We know that had to be such an important moment for them both -- especially after hearing Tyler talk on the show about how important his family is to him.

  • We are wishing Tyler & his fam the best. 

    This journey seems as if it's been a real roller coaster for Tyler, but he's doing the right thing by helping out his dad. We really hope Butch is able to get back on the path to staying healthy very soon.