Leah Messer Shuts Down Hater Who Dished Out the Ultimate Insult on Instagram

Leah Messer, Aleeah Simms

Haters to the left -- especially when it comes to Leah Messer. This week, Leah shut down a hater who said Leah would've been a stripper if she hadn't been on Teen Mom 2, and we can't get over exactly how perfect her response was. 

  • It all started when Leah posted this photo of Addie being silly.

    "The things my child comes up with," Leah wrote, adding a facepalm emoji.

    It's not the first time a kid has played with her food, and it's definitely not the last. Besides, this is Addie -- she's known for goofing off, especially when cameras are around. But apparently, instead of laughing at the pic, one commenter thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring Leah down.

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  • One of Leah's followers commented that Leah would be "sliding down a pole" without MTV's help.

    Uh, rude? Yeah, just a little -- and completely uncalled for. Leah has been teaching her daughters how to behave, and so far, she's raised three funny, adorable, smart girls. Without MTV, Leah might not have the life she has today, but we highly doubt that automatically means she'd be "on a pole." 

  • Leah wasn't having it though, and she quickly responded. 

    Leah's 100% right. No matter how many years Teen Mom 2 has been on, does anyone really know Leah or her family when the cameras are off? No, so it's unfair to make a judgment call like this one. 

    Leah has been open about how difficult her upbringing was, and it's clear that she's making sure it's different for her daughters. Isn't that enough?

  • We can't blame Leah for being pissed -- that was downright disrespectful. 

    She doesn't have anything to prove to anyone -- her fans know what an incredible mama she is to Addie, Aleeah, and Ali, and we have a feeling they would have been lucky to have her even without their reality show. 

    Keep doing you, Leah. Pay no attention to the haters.