Arie & Lauren Luyendyk's New Family Photo With Baby Alessi Brings Out the Parenting Police

Arie Lauren Luyendyk

Man. That sure didn't take long. It's only been a little over two weeks since Alessi Luyendyk was born, and already, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren (Burnham) Luyendyk have the parenting police coming after them. (Insert major eye roll here.) And although they had to know that sharing pictures of their baby on Instagram would bring out the haters from time to time, the criticism still can't be easy to take.

  • This is the new pic that has people all riled up.

    The judgmental trolls are coming after them this time for three different reasons. Some aren't happy with the way Lauren is holding Alessi, others are appalled that the baby isn't swaddled or donning a parka in the Arizona heat, and then there are those who think it was too early for Arie and Lauren to take the newborn out in public.

    They. Just. Can't. Win.

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  • Hmm. She's in Lauren's arms ... isn't that support enough?

    And with the "wrap her up" thing -- are people forgetting that Lauren and Arie live in Arizona? It's also June. It's not exactly what I'd describe as "chilly" right about now. 

  • This commenter pointed out two of the new parent "fails," but at least attempted to be respectful.

    Huh. A spinal tap? Really? Wonder if she's a doctor? 

  • Others were a little less polite about it ...

    Perhaps this commenter needs to Google "chicken" to see what images pop up. Just sayin'.

  • Here comes the queen of the know-it-alls ...

  • And here's a doozie ...

    Whoever wrote this comment is observant enough to criticize the couple for taking the baby out in public, but failed to realize that Alessi is in fact a baby girl, not a "him." 

  • Thankfully, plenty of people came to Arie and Lauren's defense.

  • This is the second time Lauren has been hit by haters in two weeks.

    She was torn apart for going out to lunch with one of her girlfriends, because it was "too soon" to leave Alessi at home. But now she's bringing her out, and that isn't the "right" thing to do either. Sooo ... what IS she allowed to do now that she's a mom?

  • Another supporter -- and this one is legit.

    My thoughts exactly. It really doesn't matter what Arie and Lauren do in terms of how they raise their baby girl -- they're gonna get called out for it. People just can't resist picking apart sweet family photos in the hopes of making themselves feel like they somehow know more about what's best for the baby than her own parents do.

  • Clearly Arie and Lauren are doing a fantastic job as parents.

    Just look at that sweet face! Let's hope Arie and Lauren take these comments in stride and can learn to just ignore any hate that comes their way. They truly don't deserve this! It would be such a shame if they stopped sharing photos of their beautiful little family. People seriously need to chill, and mind their own darn business.