Catelynn Baltierra Gets Real About the State of Her Marriage With Tyler

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra

She's never been afraid to share what's going on in her life, so it's no surprise that Catelynn Baltierra is giving her fans an update on the state of her marriage with husband Tyler Baltierra. The couple separated briefly last year, before the birth of their third daughter, Vaeda, in February, and she just opened up in an interview about how it's going now that they're living together again.

  • Cate revealed to E! News that she thinks the break was good for them as a couple.

    In an interview ahead of the Teen Mom OG premiere this week, Catelynn said, "Our relationship, I feel like we're always strong. I think that we just go through bumps and it makes you stronger as a couple too, but yeah, we're in a really good place."

    The couple announced they were expecting a rainbow baby last fall, after a difficult year that included a pregnancy loss, and three months of Catelynn being in and out of a treatment center for her mental health. They're also parents to Novalee, 4, and Carly, 10, whom they placed for adoption after getting pregnant in high school. 

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  • She also explained that people seemed to misconstrue what it meant for them to be "separated."

    She shared, "I think the biggest misconception people had about the trial separation was that like, 'Oh my God, since you're gonna live separate and do this then you're automatically going to get a divorce, or you're automatically gonna wanna see other people.' And it wasn't even like that. I feel like when we said the word 'separation' people blew it out of proportion of what it really was. It wasn't as severe as how people were thinking it was."

    Cate continued, crediting therapy for helping them communicate as a couple. She revealed, "Him and I, when we went through that trial separation period or whatever, we worked a lot on ourselves as individuals, but also ourselves as a couple. I learned a lot of things for myself during that period of time in my life."

  • Cate also recently took to Twitter to thank her fans, and explain why she's so open about her life.

    She believes that if someone else can be helped by hearing her story, then it's worth sharing, and we couldn't agree more. She and Tyler have been through a lot together, and it's easy to call it luck, but it takes determination and work to make a relationship last long-term. They are setting a great example for their kids on working through things and taking the time to care for yourself and your loved ones. 

  • We're just glad these two are back together and seem happier than ever.

    Ever since Vaeda was born, they've pretty much been taking turns singing each other's praises on social media, and showing gratitude for their family and life together. 

    Never change, guys.