Hannah Brown's Awkward Date With Luke P. Is Earning Her Even More Fans

Hannah Brown

It's more clear than ever that Luke P. is, hands down, the villain of Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. And after weeks of wishing she'd finally see the light, it happened on Tuesday night's episode: Hannah has taken Luke down a few pegs, and boy, does it feel good. 

  • On the episode, Hannah and Luke had the most bizarre one-on-one date ever. 

    After all of the drama with Luke S., Hannah really wanted to get the bad vibes out of the way at the beginning of the date. But man, did it get awkward fast. 

    Was Luke even listening to her?! She was literally telling him exactly what she needed from him -- real, actual emotions instead of what he thought she wanted to hear -- and he just couldn't do it. Totally baffling.

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  • The date just kept getting worse, and we couldn't really blame Hannah for not being able to move past it. 

    Hannah Brown, Luke Parker

    Finally, at dinner, she told this dude in no uncertain terms that she was looking for a man who can take responsibility for his mistakes ... and when she didn't give him the date rose, we wanted to stand up and cheer. 

    After seemingly being blinded by Luke's charm all season long, Hannah has finally started calling the red flags what they are -- and even though she gave him a million chances to make it right, for whatever reason, Luke just didn't get it.

  • So many fans were cheering her on while she was letting Luke know what's up. 

    TBH, we totally get her frustration. Talking to Luke was like talking to a brick wall. He just couldn't bring himself to show any human emotion, which was ... weird, to say the least.

  • Others pointed out that Hannah was at such a loss, she was talking to all the foliage around her.

    At one point, this girl even asked the producers to go explain to Luke what she was trying to say, and they wouldn't, because they're not supposed to get involved. But imagine if they had! He probably still would not have gotten it.

  • And this tweet mentioned how next week will be make it or break it for their relationship. 

    Luke didn't get the rose, but it's not clear if that means she's sending him home or not. Either way, Luke was in the promo for next week's ep, so we have a feeling it's about to get very interesting.

  • We're crossing all our fingers and all our toes that Hannah sends him packing. 

    She has so many better guys she could be spending her time with -- you know, ones who are able to have an actual conversation with her like a human being. It's time for Luke to say his goodbyes.