Jenelle Evans & David Eason Had the Police Called on Them 25 Times This Past Year

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

Wow. We knew that law enforcement has been called an awful lot when it comes to Jenelle Evans and David Eason, but we didn't know it was this often. According to reports, authorities were called to the couple's North Carolina home 25 times in the last year alone, for everything from welfare checks, to the time Jenelle said David assaulted her and cracked her collarbone.  

  • Starting in June 2018 with a call about Kaiser, police have dealt with 25 calls to 911 regarding Jenelle and David.

    Radar Online got ahold of the 911 call log, which recorded a "call for mutual aid/assist other agency" on June 7, 2018, two calls for welfare checks on June 8, and then another welfare check call on June 12.

    In the weeks leading up to Nathan Griffith's custody dispute last summer, Kaiser's dad called 911 and reported, "I received my child and he has marks all over him. I picked him up yesterday ... there is bruising now." He claimed that David "hit him with a stick." 

    After one court-ordered weekend visit, Nate and his mom, Doris Davidson, refused to give Kai back to Jenelle and David, and filed for emergency custody of him. Jenelle eventually got him back, but it meant another 911 call. Jenelle told the operator, "The grandparent and my ex are trying to keep my son. I have primary custody and he has every other weekend. They were supposed to meet me at 5 p.m. at the gas station and now they're trying to say, 'Oh since he has a bruise on him we're going to keep him and not give him back to you.'"
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  • And who can forget the infamous call Jenelle made against David last October, claiming he "cracked" her collarbone?

    She later claimed it was a drunken misunderstanding, but we heard the terror in her voice as she talked to the 911 operator. It sounded to us that she was legit afraid for herself, and her children, who were in the house sleeping. Jenelle was recorded saying, "My husband he just assaulted me ... He pinned me down on the ground in the yard. I think I heard my collarbone crack. I can't move my arm."

    Then there was the call she made a couple months later, in December 2018, when David apparently got upset about an article, and was smashing things outside. When Jenelle locked him out of the house, he allegedly smashed the door down. She also reported that their daughter, Ensley, was napping in her room, while she hid in the attic from her husband.

  • And of course there was the Nugget tragedy just last month, when David shot and killed Jenelle's beloved French bulldog.

    After the dog nipped at Ensley when the toddler got in his face, David took the dog out to the woods and killed him. Nathan called 911 this time, worried about Kaiser.

    He said, "There was a dispute with my ex-fiancée and her husband and he shot a dog. There's been multiple 911 calls and abuse ... I'm trying to figure out where my son is at and what I have to do in this situation. I'm so confused right now." He could also be heard telling his girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt, "If she goes back, someone is going to die. Get my mother f---ing child out of that house."

    The incident launched a child protective services investigation, which led to David and Jenelle losing custody of all their children. Jenelle was also fired from Teen Mom 2, and her relationship with her mom Barbara Evans has been "destroyed."
  • How many more calls will be made before Jenelle realizes she needs to run from this guy?

    David is bad news, and somehow we don't think think some mandated anger management classes are going to "cure" him. We just hope the next 911 call isn't to report a body.