The 2019 Hallmark Christmas in July Lineup Is Here

Bethany Quinn | Jun 20, 2019 TV
The 2019 Hallmark Christmas in July Lineup Is Here

Christmas Next Door Hallmark
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Just like children, we sometimes find ourselves longing for the holidays. The feeling of the Christmas season just does something to us, and for a moment, all the stress and anxiety of the real world seemingly vanishes -- if only for a little while. Everyone is just happy around Christmas, and there's no better feeling than celebrating the holidays with family and friends, eating a Christmas feast, and of course, opening presents! After all, they don't call it the Christmas spirit for nothing.

That stuff truly is magical!

Maybe that's why we can't get enough of Christmas movies, no matter what season it is. We can't help but get excited for all the new ones that come out year after year! It means we get to experience the feeling of Christmas for more than one day, and with Hallmark's annual Christmas in July lineup, we get to experience the magic of Christmas for an entire month -- smack dab in the middle of summer!

Sure, the sun may be shining and days are spent playing at the beach, or barbecuing in the backyard, but that doesn't mean we can't go inside, curl up on the couch, and experience the magic of Christmas five months before it actually happens.

We are all for a Christmas movie any time of year, and in addition to some old classics and new favorites, Hallmark has quite the rollout this season, including several premieres. Without further ado, here's the lineup for Hallmark's Christmas in July special!

  • Friday, July 12


    Jesse Metcalfe and Fiona Gubelmann star in Christmas Next Door, a sweet love story about a dedicated bachelor who has a change of heart when he falls for his Christmas-loving neighbor! Here's what else to expect on July 12.

    2 p.m. ET: Christmas Next Door
    4 p.m. ET: Christmas in Love
    6 p.m. ET: Reunited at Christmas
    8 p.m. ET: Mingle All the Way
    10 p.m. ET: A Royal Christmas 

  • Saturday, July 13


    In a Gift to Remember, Darcy is on her way to work on her bike when she smashes into a stranger, Aiden, rendering him unconscious. As he's rushed to the hospital, Darcy vows to take care of Aiden's dog until he can be reunited with his owner. In the process, she starts to fall in love with the man she's never actually met. Other films to watch on July 13 include:

    Midnight ET: A Gift to Remember
    2 a.m. ET: Crown for Christmas
    4 a.m. ET: A December Bride
    6 a.m. ET: A Very Merry Mix-Up
    8 a.m. ET: With Love, Christmas
    10 a.m. ET: Let It Snow
    Noon ET: It's Christmas, Eve!
    2 p.m. ET: Christmas Joy
    4 p.m. ET: Switched for Christmas
    6 p.m. ET: Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe
    10 p.m. ET: First Look Holiday Preview Special - Premiere
    10:30 p.m. ET: Christmas Getaway

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'A Very Merry Mix Up'


    A woman named Alice is on her way to meet her future in-laws when her luggage gets lost at the airport and her phone is damaged. Having no way to get to her soon-to-be-family, she by chance, runs into her fiancé's brother, Matt. He takes her his parents house and everything is going smoothly until Alice starts falling for Matt!

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'First Look Holiday Preview Special'

    Christmas background with stars and bokeh
    Muenz/iStock/Getty Images

    We'll get a glimpse as to what we can expect in the way of new Christmas movies that will be premiering this season. Each year, we anxiously await new made-for-TV holiday movies to love! From romances to royal drama, the holiday lineup never ceases to impress!

  • Sunday, July 14


    In Sharing Christmas, A big time real estate developer has the opportunity to turn a shopping center into a profitable location. But there's just one problem: One shop owner is not onboard with this plan. The two attempt to work things out and eventually fall in love. In addition to Sharing Christmas, Hallmark fans can enjoy:

    12:30 a.m. ET: Sharing Christmas
    2:30 a.m. ET: My Christmas Dream
    4:30 a.m. ET: Sleigh Bells Ring
    6 a.m. ET: Love You Like Christmas
    8 a.m. ET: Christmas in Evergreen
    10 a.m. ET: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    Noon ET: The Sweetest Christmas
    2 p.m. ET: Jingle Around the Clock
    4 p.m. ET: The Nine Lives of Christmas
    6 p.m. ET: Christmas at the Palace
    8 p.m. ET: Christmas Under Wraps
    10 p.m. ET: Christmas at Pemberley Manor

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Love You Like Christmas'


    Maddie is a workaholic on her way to a client's wedding when her car breaks down. She's forced to spend some time in a town called Christmas Valley and really reflect on her life.

  • Monday, July 15


    In Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa, Lisa returns to her hometown only to find that the historical general store has closed down. She enlists some help from a local contractor and along the way they begin to unravel decades old mysteries about the town.

    Here's what else to expect for the day:

    Midnight ET: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
    2 a.m. ET: Welcome to Christmas
    4 a.m. ET: Miss Christmas
    6 a.m. ET: Christmas in Homestead
    8 a.m. ET: Entertaining Christmas
    2 p.m. ET: A Bride for Christmas
    4 p.m. ET: A Wish for Christmas
    6 p.m. ET: Snow Bride
    8 p.m. ET: A Christmas Detour
    10 p.m. ET: Finding Santa

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'A Wish For Christmas'


    Lacey Chabert stars as Sara Shaw, a mild-mannered woman who never speaks up for herself. But that all changes when an idea of hers get stolen by a coworker. She makes a wish to Santa that she will have the power to stand up for herself. It's granted but only for 48 hours!

  • Tuesday, July 16


    Candice Cameron Bure stars in A Shoe Addict's Christmas which loosely follows the plot of A Christmas Carol. When Bure's character is locked in the department store overnight in which she works, she's visited by a guardian angel who helps her take a look at her past, present, and future!

    In addition to this Hallmark film, here's what else to expect:

    Midnight ET: A Shoe Addict's Christmas
    2 a.m. ET: My Christmas Love
    4 a.m. ET: Marry Me at Christmas
    6 a.m. ET: Sharing Christmas
    8 a.m. ET: Switched for Christmas
    2 p.m. ET: Christmas in Evergreen
    4 p.m. ET: Christmas Made to Order
    6 p.m. ET: A December Bride
    8 p.m. ET: Christmas at Holly Lodge
    10 p.m. ET: Christmas Next Door

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'A December Bride'


    Jessica Lowndes stars as Layla, who's less than happy to attend her cousin's wedding to her ex-fiancé. She agrees to go with Seth, the man who set Layla's cousin and ex-fiancé up and when things get carried away at the wedding, he pretends that he and Layla are engaged, which couldn't be further from the truth!

  • Wednesday, July 17


    Christmas at the Palace is about Katie, a former professional ice skater, who's hired by a king to teach his daughter how to skate. She and the king start to develop feelings for each other, but his royal duties get in the way!

    Sounds interesting? Here's what else is happening this day:

    Midnight ET: Christmas at the Palace
    2 a.m. ET: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
    4 a.m. ET: Help for the Holidays
    6 a.m. ET: A Cookie Cutter Christmas
    8 a.m. ET: Mingle All the Way
    2 p.m. ET: It's Christmas, Eve!
    4 p.m. ET: Crown for Christmas
    6 p.m. ET: Christmas Under Wraps
    8 p.m. ET: The Nine Lives of Christmas
    10 p.m. ET: The Christmas Cottage

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'The Nine Lives of Christmas'


    Brandon Routh plays Zachary, a fireman and dedicated bachelor who's completely content living the single life. One day a stray cat shows up on his doorstep and he must learn to care for his new companion. He meets Marilee, a veterinary student and sparks begin to fly!

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Crown For Christmas'


    Danica McKellar stars as Allie, a woman who recently lost her job as a maid in a fancy New York hotel. She's offered a job as a governess to a family in Europe that turns out to be royalty. Allie starts to form a bond with the young Princess Theodora, while at the same time falling in love with her father, King Maximillian.

    But a happily ever after isn't as easy as it seems!

  • Thursday, July 18


    Chad Michael Murray stars as Danny Wise in Road to Christmas. He plays a television producer who falls in love with fellow producer, Maggie Baker. The two get off to a rocky start but soon realize that they have more in common than they think.

    In addition to Road to Christmas, here's what else to check out:

    Midnight ET: Road to Christmas
    2 a.m. ET: Best Christmas Party Ever
    4 a.m. ET: A Perfect Christmas
    6 a.m. ET: A Boyfriend for Christmas
    8 a.m. ET: Christmas in Love
    2 p.m. ET: Christmas Land
    4 p.m. ET: Coming Home for Christmas
    6 p.m. ET: A Very Merry Mix-Up
    8 p.m. ET: Christmas Getaway
    10 p.m. ET: Christmas Connection

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Christmas Connection'


    Brooke Burns stars as a flight attendant who helps a minor who is flying solo. When they arrive at their destination, Burns' character, Sydney, reunites the young girl with her dad. She soon realizes that the girl left a package behind. She tracks down the girl and her dad to give the package back, and ends up spending the holidays with them! Tom Everett Scott also stars.

  • Friday, July 19


    Opposites attract in Jingle Around the Clock, starring Brooke Nevin and Michael Cassidy as advertising execs who have completely different approaches to work and the holidays. However, after getting to know each other, feelings start to form, just in time for Christmas!

    Jingle Around the Clock airs midnight (ET) on July 19. Here's what else to expect:

    2 a.m. ET: Matchmaker Santa
    4 a.m. ET: Christmas at Cartwright's
    6 a.m. ET: Christmas Cookies
    8 a.m. ET: 12 Gifts of Christmas
    2 p.m. ET: Miss Christmas
    4 p.m. ET: A Christmas Melody
    6 p.m. ET: Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe
    8 p.m. ET: Christmas at Pemberley Manor
    10 p.m. ET: Christmas Joy

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe'


    Lacey Chabert stars as Darcy, a headstrong woman who just returned to her hometown for Christmas. Through circumstances out of her control, she is forced to plan a charity event with an old enemy, Luke. But as they spend more and more time together, Darcy realizes that it's OK to let her guard down a bit and fall in love.

  • Saturday, July 20


    While wishing for a divorce is not something many would ask for if presented with a Christmas Angel, that's just what Penny did in A Dream of Christmas. After her wish is granted, she soon realizes that things are not as great as they seem and tries hard to win her husband back!

    Here's the rest of the lineup:

    Midnight ET: A Dream of Christmas
    2 a.m. ET: With Love, Christmas
    4 a.m. ET: My Christmas Dream
    6 a.m. ET: Christmas Incorporated
    8 a.m. ET: A Royal Christmas
    10 a.m. ET: Christmas Made to Order
    Noon ET: Christmas Next Door
    2 p.m. ET: Christmas Under Wraps
    4 p.m. ET: A Gift to Remember
    6 p.m. ET: Welcome to Christmas
    8 p.m. ET: A Shoe Addict's Christmas
    10 p.m. ET: Summer Nights Preview Special - PREMIERE
    10:30 p.m. ET: Reunited At Christmas

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: Summer Nights Preview Special

    Summer nights
    VTT Studio/iStock/Getty Images
    Viewers will get a sneak peek at all the Hallmark Channel's Summer Nights original movies that are slated to premiere later this summer. It will be co-hosted by Erin Krakow and Ryan Paevey with special guest Larissa Wohl and will feature cute puppies and kittens that are available for adoption.
  • Sunday, July 21


    When a tabloid reporter has the opportunity to break one of the biggest stories of the year, she has a change of heart after getting to know the family in question. Patricia Richardson's character must chose her career over her conscious in Snow Bride.

    Here's what else to watch:

    12:30 a.m. ET: Snow Bride
    2:30 a.m. ET: The Mistletoe Promise
    4:30 a.m. ET: Christmas List
    6 a.m. ET: Marry Me at Christmas
    8 a.m. ET: It's Christmas, Eve!
    10 a.m. ET: Christmas at Holly Lodge
    Noon ET: A Wish for Christmas
    2 p.m. ET: A Christmas Detour
    4 p.m. ET: The Christmas Cottage
    6 p.m. ET: Christmas in Love
    8 p.m. ET: Christmas at Graceland
    10 p.m. ET: Mingle All the Way

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Mingle All the Way'


    Molly is the proud developer of an app called Mingle All The Way, which helps connect busy people for events, not for long-term dating. She wants to prove the app's success, so she joins herself and ends up meeting Jeff. While at first, the chemistry is sparse, as the holiday parties and events roll on, the two find themselves falling for each other.

  • Monday, July 22


    We wonder if Candice Cameron Bure called up Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for some acting advice for this film, Switched At Christmas, in which she plays identical twin sisters, Kate and Chris Lockhart. The Lockhart sisters decide to switch lives for the holiday after they bogged down by their own in this fun film!

    Joined at Switched at Christmas in this lineup is:

    Midnight ET: Switched at Christmas
    2 a.m. ET: Christmas Getaway
    4 a.m. ET: Once Upon a Holiday
    6 a.m. ET: A Very Mery Mix-Up
    8 a.m. ET: The Christmas Cure
    2 p.m. ET: A Perfect Christmas
    4 p.m. ET: A Boyfriend for Christmas
    6 p.m. ET: Jingle Around the Clock
    8 p.m. ET: Christmas at the Palace
    10 p.m. ET: A Dream of Christmas

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Christmas Getaway'


    Travel writer Emory Blake is finally planning a trip to relax, not for work. However, she soon learns that the hotel has double booked her with another family, a widower, his daughter, and his mom. They decide to tough it out, and as chance would have it, it turns out to be a glorious mistake!

  • Tuesday, July 23


    In A Holiday Engagement, Hillary Burns is facing incredible pressure from her overbearing mother to get engaged. When her boyfriend breaks up with her, right before her trip home for the holidays, she hires an actor to play the part for her family. The two start to fall in love and have the tough job of breaking the truth to Hillary's family.

    Like the sound of this film? Here are some others to watch:

    Midnight ET: A Holiday Engagement
    2 a.m. ET: The Mistletoe Inn
    4 a.m. ET: The Christmas Parade
    6 a.m. ET: My Christmas Dream
    8 a.m. ET: Snow Bride
    2 p.m. ET: Christmas at Cartwright's
    4 p.m. ET: Christmas at Graceland
    6 p.m. ET: 12 Gifts of Christmas
    8 p.m. ET: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    10 p.m. ET: With Love, Christmas

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'With Love, Christmas'


    Melanie and Donovan are coworkers at an ad agency and are teamed up for an upcoming work project. They couldn't be more opposite and to make matters worse, Melanie is Donovan's Secret Santa. As she secretly tries to find him the perfect gift, she ends up falling for him in the process!

  • Wednesday, July 24


    A family comes together in Reunited at Christmas, thanks to the help of a grandmother who died recently. The family is enjoying time together during the holiday when Samantha, the granddaughter, gets proposed to during the gathering. But things aren't as perfect as they seem at first.

    In addition to Reunited at Christmas, here's what Hallmark fans can watch:

    Midnight ET: Reunited at Christmas
    2 a.m. ET: Coming Home for Christmas
    4 a.m. ET: Christmas Connection
    6 a.m. ET: Love You Like Christmas
    8 a.m. ET: Christmas Joy
    2 p.m. ET: Marry Me at Christmas
    4 p.m. ET: A Shoe Addict's Christmas
    6 p.m. ET: The Sweetest Christmas
    8 p.m. ET: Christmas at Pemberley Manor
    10 p.m. ET: Welcome to Christmas

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Christmas Joy'


    Joy Holbrook is right on the brink of a major promotion when a family emergency forces her to return home. While taking care of her injured aunt, she agrees to enter the town's baking competition on her aunt's behalf. She enlists the help of a former crush, Ben, and sparks start to fly!

  • Thursday, July 25


    In Christmas in Evergreen, when a storm means a woman is  stuck in an airport, rather than traveling to see her boyfriend for Christmas, she befriends a doctor and his daughter and magical things start to happen.

    Here's what else to check out:

    Midnight ET: Christmas in Evergreen
    2 a.m. ET: I'm Not Ready for Christmas
    4 a.m. ET: Hats off to Christmas!
    6 a.m. ET: My Christmas Love
    8 a.m. ET: Christmas Under Wraps
    2 p.m. ET: Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe
    4 p.m. ET: Christmas Incorporated
    6 p.m. ET: Christmas at Holly Lodge
    8 p.m. ET: A Royal Christmas
    10 p.m. ET: A Gift to Remember

  • Friday, July 26


    In Looks Like Christmas, Anne Heche and Dylan Neal star as two single parents who are at each other's throats over the holiday party and their children's school. In the process, they each must learn to let go and perhaps open themselves up to new love along the way.

    Here's the lineup for the rest of the day:

    Midnight ET: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
    2 a.m. ET: Looks Like Christmas
    4 a.m. ET: Merry Matrimony
    6 a.m. ET: Let it Snow
    8 a.m. ET: The Mistletoe Promise
    3 p.m. ET: Switched for Christmas
    5 p.m. ET: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
    7 p.m. ET: A Wish for Christmas
    9 p.m. ET: Christmas Getaway
    11 p.m. ET: It's Christmas, Eve!

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Let It Snow'

    Candice Cameron Bure stars as Stephanie Beck, a self-professed grinch whose company just acquired a new hotel. Determined to impress her boss (and father), played by Alan Thicke, she begins creating the plans for renovating the hotel but faces a bit of pushback from Brady, the previous owners' son. Stephanie is forced into the holiday spirit and must look at her own relationships in the process.
  • Saturday, July 27


    In The Christmas Cottage, Lacey, who's still in her mid-20s, is already jaded and has given up on the idea of love. She is busy planning her BFF's wedding as her maid of honor, and happens to have a special night with Charlie, her best friend's brother. He just might change her ideas on love after all!

    Here's what else is in store:

    1 a.m. ET: The Christmas Cottage
    3 a.m. ET: Once Upon a Holiday
    5 a.m. ET: Entertaining Christmas
    7 a.m. ET: Crown for Christmas
    9 a.m. ET: Road to Christmas
    11a.m. ET: Christmas in Love
    1 p.m. ET: A December Bride
    3 p.m. ET: The Sweetest Christmas
    5 p.m. ET: Christmas at the Palace
    7 p.m. ET: Mingle All the Way
    9 p.m. ET: Rome in Love - WORLD ORIGINAL PREMIERE
    11 p.m. ET: Christmas at Pemberley Manor

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Rome in Love'

    Rome, Italy
    Davide Zanin/iStock/Getty Images

    We can't get enough of a love story that takes place in a romantic European setting. This film stars Italia Ricci as an unknown actress who lands a starring role in a movie that's filming Rome. She meets an American journalist who's writing a profile as the two start to spark a serious connection.

  • Sunday, July 28


    Jodie Sweetin stars as Grace in Finding Santa, and is in a rush to find a replacement Santa Claus for her town's televised Christmas parade. The only option is Ben, a man who hates Christmas. The two manage to come together just in time for the holiday.

    After watching Finding Santa, here's what else is in store:

    1 a.m. ET: Finding Santa
    3 a.m. ET: The Nine Lives of Christmas
    4:30 a.m. ET: Coming Home for Christmas
    6 a.m. ET: Christmas Connection
    8 a.m. ET: A Dream of Christmas
    10 a.m. ET: Christmas Next Door
    Noon: A Very Merry Mix-Up
    2 p.m. ET: A Shoe Addict's Christmas
    4 p.m. ET: Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe
    6 p.m. ET: Reunited at Christmas
    8 p.m. ET: Good Witch - PREMIERE

  • We Can't Wait to Watch: 'Good Witch'


    The new season of the show starring Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale, a witch who lives with her teenage daughter in the the town of Middleton. With magic, charm and a bit of drama that town of Middleton is enchanted with Cassie, especially new neighbor Dr. Sam Radford played by James Denton.

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