Audio From Jenelle Evans' 2nd 911 Call on David Eason Is Beyond Disturbing

Jenelle Evans

Run, girl. After a tumultuous few weeks in which Jenelle Evans has lost almost everything thanks to her husband, David Eason, a second horrific 911 call recording has been uncovered. Jenelle called 911 on David in October, claiming that he cracked her collarbone, but apparently she called emergency services again in December, and it was truly terrifying. 

  • Radar Online released the audio from the call, which took place on December 23.

    Explaining that she was in the attic, Jenelle told the operator, "My husband is freaking out. He's outside freaking out. He's smashing our front door trying to get inside."

    She also revealed that Ensley, who was not quite 2 at the time of the call, was sleeping in her bedroom. Jenelle said, "My daughter is in the bedroom sleeping. He said I locked him out and took his phone. He was outside looking for his phone. He got upset over an article. You can hear him yelling. He's outside smashing stuff."

    The operator asked Jenelle if he had access to any weapons, and she replied, "Yeah he does. He has a gun. He broke my front door. I don't how it looks. I'm in the attic." Jenelle also assured the operator that she could see Ensley's door from the where she was in the attic.

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  • It turns out that David had actually called for a welfare check on his wife earlier in the day.

    David called the authorities earlier that same day. The dispatcher told the 911 operator, "I have a David Eason calling for a welfare check on his wife. He said she's not answering her phone or texts. He's in Wilmington County. He wanted us to send the information because he's driving. He said he's worried. He called 2 to 3 times. She's on Facebook."

    According to The Ashley, the "article" that may have set David off was one involving another North Carolina local, Terry Hill, pressing charges against him for "self-towing" and damaging Terry's car. Jenelle then accused a local reporter of "harassing" her family by helping Terry fill out the appropriate paperwork to press charges. 

  • The newly released 911 call comes on the heels of David shooting and killing Jenelle's French bulldog, Nugget.

    That incident of animal cruelty (David shot the dog after Nugget nipped at Ensley when the toddler got in his face) sparked a CPS investigation in which a judge decided to remove all the children from the home. Jenelle was also fired from MTV for her role on Teen Mom 2, and her relationship with her mom Barbara has turned sour yet again.

    Let's not forget the terrible 911 call Jenelle made in October, when she claimed that David pinned her to the ground and cracked her collarbone. She later said that it was a drunken misunderstanding, but given all the other evidence we have about David's uncontrolled temper, we're having a hard time believing Jenelle on that one.  

  • If Jenelle won't run for her own sake, could she please consider her kids?

    David is bad news, and we're honestly worried for Jenelle's safety at this point. She needs to start putting her children first, not the guy she has repeatedly called 911 on for being violent. We hope she realizes what she needs to do before it's too late.