Tiffani Thiessen Reveals Why She's Not Joining the '90210' Revival

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Tiffani Thiesssen
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It seems casting news for the Beverly Hills, 90210 revival has been nonstop as of late. First we heard La La Anthony will play Brian Austin Green's wife. Then news Vanessa Lachey is joining BH90210 as Jason Priestley's wife quickly made waves. With so many newcomers joining the show, there's one member of the original cast people have been wondering about, and it looks like she won't be joining in. Tiffani Thiessen won't be on BH90210, but there's actually a very good reason for it.

  • According to Tiffani herself, she's just too busy with other projects to commit to the 90210 revival.

    "I'm actually shooting season three of Alexa and Katie right now," Tiffani said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight about why she's not returning to 90210. "So I am working at the moment and busy. I'm literally in the middle of my season, and I go 'til September."

    We had a feeling that might be the reason. Tiffani's starring in the Netflix original show about a high schooler who's trying to balance her normal life with her battle with cancer. In Alexa and Katie, Tiffani plays title character Alexa's mother, so it makes sense she wouldn't have time to film another show.
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  • In the original 90210, Tiffani played Valerie Malone, a family friend of the Walshes who moved in after Brenda left.

    Tiffani was on the show for six seasons, which is a pretty long time -- so it makes sense if some fans were expecting her to show up on the reboot.

    Sadly, in the end, it just wasn't meant to be.

  • TIffani admits she doesn't know much about the reboot itself, but that she knows people will be pumped.

    "I don't know too much about it but I know people are going to be excited," she told ET. "My shoot schedule sadly won't allow [me to be apart of it], but I wish them well. I'm sure it's going to be great."

    Fans have been looking forward to seeing the 90210 cast back together for months now. It's just a bummer that Tiffani won't be there!

  • We'll definitely miss Tiffani's presence, but we're still so excited for these new episodes.

    'BH90210' cast
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    We never thought we'd see this gang back together -- let alone including so many of the original stars -- but it's happening.

    It seems like August 7 will never get here ... time to get the countdown started!

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