The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Revival Just Made an Unexpected Addition to the Cast

The cast of BH90210

As the premiere of the Beverly Hills, 90210 revival gets closer, the cast is welcoming a new member to their crew. It's official: La La Anthony is joining BH90210, even though she wasn't on the original show like the rest of the stars.

So what's the deal?!

  • On Thursday, La La announced in an Instagram post that she's joining the BH90210 cast.

    As La La mentions, she'll be playing the wife of Brian Austin Green ... although in reality, that particular role belongs to Megan Fox. Who knew?! 

    Guess Donna and David aren't getting their happily ever after in this series.
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  • Deadline reports that La La is playing a character named Shay. She's the first to join the cast who wasn't on the original show.

    La La Anthony
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    Here's the description of Lala's character on BH90210

    "Shay is a superstar hip-hop/pop artist. She is breadwinner of the family while her Mr. Mom husband watches over their three kids. Shay has become used to being the center of attention, but can still be surprisingly down to earth."
    Hmm. Interesting!

    Of course, the idea of anyone joining the show who wasn't from the original cast makes us a little nervous, but La La could really keep things fresh -- even though we have to admit that this casting came totally out of left field.

    We're into it! 

  • This news has seriously thrown fans for a loop, though.

    Facebook comments

    So many people are commenting, heartbroken that this could mean that Donna and David aren't still together in the future. But don't worry, there's no need to panic (yet). In the reboot, the actors are playing hyped up versions of themselves, not their 90210 characters. La La playing Brian's wife means nothing when it comes to Donna and David's relationship. 

    But if ya caught The CW's 90210 (from 2008 to 2013), Donna did say that she and David were separated ... but like we said, because Brian's playing himself, that's a moot point.

  • Whatever this reboot holds, we're down for it.

    'BH90210' cast
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    Although there was a bit of drama on set, it sounds as if everything is going just fine now -- and we are honestly just happy to see this gang back together, no matter what form this show takes. 

    BH90210 premieres August 7, and we're already counting down the days.

    Can't wait!

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