Jenelle Evans Makes a Statement About Losing Custody of Her Kids

Jenelle Evans, Ensley Eason

She's lost nearly everything, yet she is still continuing to stand by her husband. Jenelle Evans made a telling statement after temporarily losing custody of all of her children this week, and honestly, we're pretty darn worried for her. She's lost so much, so fast, thanks to her hubby David Eason, but she still seems unwilling to budge on leaving him in the dust. 

  • In a statement to The Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle said she'll do anything to get her kids back ... except divorce David, apparently. 

    She told the site, "I am currently following what my attorney has asked. I don't want to speak publicly on the matter currently as that will jeopardize the possibilities of getting my kids back."

    She continued, "I love my kids so much and I will do anything necessary to get them back and that is all I want everyone to understand. I ask everyone to have an open heart before they judge how the media is portraying me ... I love being a mother and David and I will get through this. We are staying strong and united."

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  • Just a reminder for anyone who needs it -- a CPS investigation was launched after David shot and killed Jenelle's dog, Nugget, several weeks ago.

    After being in and out of court all week, a judge finally decided to deny Jenelle and David custody of their children, at least until they start attending parenting classes, counseling, and submit to weekly drug testing. 

    A source revealed that "CPS described the state of the home as horrific. There was drug paraphernalia found all over the house. It was filthy and there were holes in all of the walls." The source added, "Jenelle believed that her lawyer was going to be able to get her children back and she seemed stunned when this happened."

  • Not only has Jenelle lost her babies, she also lost her job, thanks to David. 

    Ensley is currently staying with Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, who also has custody of Jace. Kaiser is with his dad, Nathan Griffith, and Nate's mom, Doris Davidson. David's daughter, Maryssa (who lived with the couple full time), is with her grandmother for the time being.

    Shortly after the drama with the dog came to light, MTV released a statement saying that it would no longer be working with Jenelle, having previously fired David more than a year ago. 

  • We seriously cannot believe she's continuing to stand by this guy.

    What else does he have to do to show her he's bad news? He murdered her pet for nipping at their toddler daughter, Ensley, when she got in his face. Most people teach children how to treat animals, but David apparently just shoots the dog for acting like a dog. He cost her custody of her kids. He got her fired from Teen Mom 2.

    She doesn't exactly have much left to lose ... we just hope she doesn't snap at David. Who knows what he's really capable of?