Jenelle Evans & David Eason Have Officially Lost Custody of All Their Kids

Jenelle Evans, Ensley Eason

Well, it looks like Jenelle Evans has made her decision, and the judge has made his. The former Teen Mom 2 star just lost all custody of her children for the time being, and is only allowed one hour of supervised visitation a week. The ruling came after four days of testimony, when the court determined that her husband, David Eason, poses a potential threat to the kids, especially after he shot and killed the family dog earlier in May.

  • According to TMZ, David and Jenelle lost all custody of Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa, as well as their visitation rights with Jace.

    Jenelle's mom, Barbara, has had custody of Jace for most of his life, but Jenelle had visitation. Jenelle also had full custody of Kaiser, her son with Nathan Griffith, and David had custody of his daughter, Maryssa, from a previous relationship, and of course they have Ensley together. 

    Sources revealed to TMZ that Jenelle and David are currently only allowed to see their kids for one supervised hour a week, and that "it's all David's fault." Another insider shared that the judge laid out a plan for them to regain custody, and it includes taking parenting classes, counseling, and weekly drug testing.

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  • Jenelle was reportedly "stunned" by the ruling, but it apparently did not dissuade her from walking out of court by David's side. 

    Although Jenelle briefly entertained the idea of divorcing David in the immediate aftermath of him killing her beloved dog, Nugget, she went back to him after all. When he got her fired from Teen Mom 2, she stuck by him still. And now that she's lost her children, she is still standing by him. How much more does she have to lose before she realizes this guy is bad news?

  • David admitted to shooting Jenelle's dog several weeks ago, after Nugget nipped at their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

    In addition to the animal cruelty that instigated this entire child protective services investigation, Radar Online reports that "the judge heard testimony that David and Jenelle were constantly screaming and arguing, and the children were terrified." 

    A source explained that "CPS described the state of the home as horrific. There was drug paraphernalia found all over the house. It was filthy and there were holes in all of the walls." They added, "Jenelle believed that her lawyer was going to be able to get her children back and she seemed stunned when this happened."

  • We really hope that Jenelle doesn't continue to sacrifice raising her kids herself in order to be with David. 

    He's shown time and again how explosive and destructive his temper can be, and we all heard that terrifying 911 call last October, when Jenelle claimed that he "cracked" her collarbone. She later said it was a just a drunken misunderstanding, but we wouldn't bet money on that.

    Jenelle, it's not time walk away -- it's time to run.