Exclusive: Jennie Garth Opens Up About the '90210' Revival

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Jennie Garth
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With August 7 slowly (but surely) creeping up, lovers of all things '90s and '00s are waiting to see how the upcoming Beverly Hills, 90210 revival will go down. And though we're told patience is kind of a virtue, we recently caught up with 90210 OG Jennie Garth who opened up about what fans can expect almost 20 years after the hit teen drama came to an end.

  • Beverly Hills, 90210 might've ended its decade-long run back in 2000, but Jennie Garth thinks now is the perfect time for a revival.

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    "Why not?!" Jennie Garth laughs as she tells CafeMom about BH90210. "Life is full of adventures and complications. To be able to go back to [a place] where you're with a group of people that you love and trust, I don't know why you wouldn't do that when given the opportunity. For us to come back together and work together again – and have that kind of connection with all the fans of the original show -- we couldn't be more excited."

    We first heard whispers of the possibility of a 90210 reboot last December after photogs spotted the original cast (sans Brenda, Dylan, and Andrea) out shopping the show. Months later, the 90210 revival was confirmed with a teaser for the upcoming Fox show dropping in February.

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  • As Jennie explains, "it's been quite the journey" to bring the show back to television, but it has come together in the most incredible way.

    Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling
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    "This is something Tori and I have been working on for a couple of years, putting this project together," the celeb mom tells CafeMom. "It's been quite a journey. As the process rolls along, getting everyone else on board was challenging and pretty surprising. We didn't know if people wanted to do it, what their reactions would be to the new concept of a new take on the show." 

  • "The cast has been really open and collaborative," she reveals to CafeMom.

    "They've all come on as producers. It's something that we're all kind of making together, and it's been a really interesting and creatively fulfilling journey."

    Join Jennie on BH90210 is longtime bestie Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris, and Shannen Doherty who joined after the untimely passing of costar Luke Perry.

  • Jennie will bring Kelly Taylor back to life, a name she still gets called to this day.

    "I'm used to being called Kelly, it doesn't even register to me anymore. I live a very private life, so I don't really go out much to be honest with you," Jennie jokes in her exclusive interview with CafeMom.

    "Being associated with the show and with Kelly has always been something I'm proud of. I'm really happy to get the opportunity to return to it in kind of a new and interesting way where we're bringing back the characters, but we're also portraying characters playing those characters," she explains.

  • "It's not ever been something I've been burdened by," Jennie says about constantly being associated with Kelly.

    "I've always been proud of it and grateful for it. I think that as far as working as an actress in the industry, it's been interesting to be able to do different projects and have people perceive me in a different light," Garth adds. "My fans that were fans of the show have been very accepting of me playing different roles over the years and very supportive. I wouldn't say there’s ever been anything really annoying about it."

    Aging in Hollywood is annoying [however] but that has nothing to do with Kelly, or the show," Jennie laughs.
  • There are three words Jennie Garth uses to describe BH90210: "family, honesty, and different."

    The first trailer for the 90210 revival has been so memorable, it's become the "most-watched trailer among all new shows" with 27 million views and counting.

    (People are really excited to see it!)

  • As for deets about what fans can expect with the 90210 revival, Jennie encourages people to "have an open mind."

    Cast of Beverly Hills, 90210
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    "I think people are going to be surprised, and I encourage people to have an open mind and sort of go with it and see what happens," Jennie Garth tells CafeMom about the show. "I think that they will connect with these characters on equal levels [just like] they connected with the original 90210 characters."

  • "It will be fun for viewers to be introduced to these characters and sort of explore their journey," she explains.

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    "But they'll also [ask themselves] is this real what I'm watching? Is this fictionalized? Is this made up?" she adds. "We'll also be throwing in a lot of homage to the original 90210, and a lot of fan candy for people to be like, 'OMG, I remember that from the original show! They wore that dress, or they said those lines. That's the same set. That’s the same car.' We're gonna do a lot of stuff like that. So I think that will be fun for a lot of people."

    If Brian Austin Green's behind-the-scenes pic of the Peach Pit is any indication of what's in store, we're so freaking here for it!

  • The BH90210 revival is set to premiere August 7 on Fox.

    We. Cannot. Wait.

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