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  • Jenelle briefly said she was considering divorce after David killed Nugget, but now seems determined to try to make the marriage work.

    After being fired from Teen Mom 2, Jenelle said, "David has been here for me since the news broke, he told me to not worry about it and to stay positive. I'm keeping busy and staying focused on my kids and my animals and my business endeavors which have been planned for months. I'm working to fix my marriage as well and moving forward."

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  • Would Jenelle really give up custody of her kids in order to stay with David Eason?

    We really, really hope she chooses her kids. It just be the wakeup call David needs to get some real help. As long as she continues to stand by him no matter how awful he gets, he's never going to stop. 

    If he'll brutally shoot and kill a dog for acting like a dog, what else will he do when Jenelle or one of the kids upsets him?