'Full House Lannister' Is the 'Game of Thrones' Spin-Off We Need

Full House Lannister Game of Thrones spin-off
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

After eight seasons, Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. While many of us are still left with questions -- and trying to shake feeling frustrated AF with the final season and how certain characters met their demise -- there have been questions regarding potential spin-offs given how things ended. Welp, there's a new Full House-inspired Game of Thrones video floating across the interwebs that's too good not to see.

  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reprises his role as Jaime Lannister in this GoT spin-off series.

    We won't give any spoilers (if you've yet to watch the last couple Game of Thrones episodes, you really need to jump on it) ... but let's just say Melisandre likely paid him a visit to make this possible.

    Sidenote: Sorry, John Stamos, but it looks like we already have our uncle on this Full House show.

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  • He lends a hand (well, a sword in this case) when Joey finds himself in a pickle.

    And by pickle we mean him not being able to open a pickle jar, which can be so annoying (and freaking hard) as is.

    Thank goodness the Kingslayer was around with his sword!

  • Ultimately, he gets his feelings hurt when Joey cracks a joke at his expense.

    Seeing as Jaime got his hand chopped off on GoT, remixing the "cut it out" joke to "cut it off" likely isn't going to go over well. 

    (Aww. Poor Jaime.)

  • Leave it to Danny Tanner to give a Danny Tanner speech to heal all wounds.

    We missed those heartfelt talks with the instrumental background. Danny Tanner is one of our favorite TV dads for this reason.

  • Though Full House Lannister *isn't* being developed (womp, womp), we can totally picture it.

    Maybe Nick at Nite would consider running with it while they show old episodes of Full House?

    It could happen!

  • You can watch the fictitious Game of Thrones spin-off here:

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