New Behind-the-Scenes 'Game of Thrones' Pic Has All Eyes on Bran

Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, and Sophie Turner in Game of Thrones

We're still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Game of Thrones is over, but this photo is definitely helping with the grieving process (and some frustration with how it all went down) in the most hilarious way. Sophie Turner's behind-the-scenes GoT photo is a must-see and truly priceless!

  • In the photo, Sophie is sitting with her on-screen siblings, Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead-Wright, hanging out during a break from filming.

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    The pack survived

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    There's so much we love about this photo that it's hard to point all of it out. Sansa's vaping. Bran has a water bottle on his head. Arya is straight chilling in sunglasses -- which we really doubt existed in Westeros.

    Basically, we want to print this photo out and wallpaper our house with it.

    (Is that going too far?)

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  • Some fans noticed the water bottle right away ... because those bottles have become somewhat notorious in the last few days.

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    As if the coffee cup incident wasn't enough after the war against the White Walkers, fans noticed that there were water bottles left on set during the series finale. (Yeah, not exactly something that existed in the GoT universe.)

    As these commenters pointed out, could Bran be the one leaving water bottles all over the place?

    Guess we'll never know ...

  • But most people were focused on Bran's legs.

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    Do we think Isaac always filmed like this when his legs weren't in the shot?

    We. Cannot. Deal.

    But hey, we can't blame him for going without pants. It probably gets pretty hot out there in King's Landing, and those costumes look heavy.

  • We already miss GoT, but hopefully more behind-the-scenes pics like this one will surface.

    Game of Thrones might be done, but it seems as if the friendship between the GoT cast is definitely going to live on.

    And if nothing else, at least we have Bran's legs to cheer us up.

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